Winter Sports

It FINALLY warmed up here this weekend (meaning it wasn’t below zero) and we took full advantage of the weather! My parents came to visit for the weekend and my mom and I went out cross country skiing.

It was so beautiful outside, and even though it was still cold outside as soon as we started skiing we warmed up quickly!

Then, on Saturday morning Bob and I played broomball with our church in a pick up game and had so much fun! My parents had never seen broomball in action and watched for a bit

We love playing broomball and always have so much fun playing!

Sunday we went skiing/snowboarding which was awesome!

My dad stayed at home and said he enjoyed his alone time so much 🙂

My mom was awesome, and for picking up skiing after 15 years last year did great!

Bob hit some sweet jumps and got some air!

Bob and me


It was a fun filled weekend, but by Sunday night we were beat!  I am so ready for spring/summer to get here, but it is nice to be able to be outside and have fun now that it has warmed up a bit!


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