Tree Burning

On Saturday night, Bob and I met with friends for the annual Christmas Tree burning on a nearby lake.  About 300 Christmas trees are collected after the holiday and a HUGE bonfire is built.

When I say HUGE….I mean massive, like don’t get within  20 feet because it is so hot!

Bob and I in front of the ice castle they built this year which was amazing!

Barb in front of the castle which included turrets and a drawbridge!

Ice Bar

Everything was built out of ice, and this was a solid block of ice!

Deanna, Tzu, Kelly, Bob, and Hans sitting on a ‘couch’ built into the castle wall

It was so cold (below zero) so I didn’t bring my big camera, so all of the pictures are cell phone quality

The lighting is a huge deal, and the nearby homeowners bring out torches and circle the bonfire

And then the pile is lit!

And SO quickly, the fire grew

We had such a fun time and definitely look forward to this event each year!

Bob and Hans

Hans and Bob

We lasted about an hour and a half which is pretty good considering the temperature!  A big thanks to Gary and Barb for inviting us every year and for their hospitality!


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