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Lasik, Crashed Ice, and Catch Up

Bob had been wanting to get Lasik for years and finally got it done last week!

The whole procedure took about 3 minutes and then we were on our way home!

Bob had to wear these cool shades for protection and was happy to take a nap on the couch when we got home.  We have been glued to the TV watching the Olympics and it was a nice relaxing evening together!  I am so sad the Games are over, but we still have a few nights left to watch on the DVR since I worked 12 hour shifts this weekend!

I was able to knit a lot over the past few weeks and got this sweet white blanket done

and I finished two fleece blankets for 2 of Bob’s coworkers who both recently had baby boys

And I have been having SO much fun sewing on my new machine.  Here are a few of my latest creations

Burp cloth

I definitely have found a new hobby and have enjoyed making little onesies and shirts for friends!

We got a huge snowstorm this past Friday which has made driving to and from work interesting the past few days.  On Friday, I was so thankful to get home after my normal 20 minute drive turned into almost 2 hours!  Our road wasn’t plowed by the time I got to it so the last 1/2 mile or so I was just praying that I wouldn’t get stuck!

I think this is a week old or so, but Harper was helping Bob play Scattergories and it was just the cutest thing ever! She adores Bob and he was so patient with her, even though it slowed him down!

Last weekend I got to watch Declan on Saturday which was so much fun! He is such a cutie and just melts my heart!

This past weekend we went to the Red Bull Crashed Ice skating event that is held in St. Paul

A track is built starting up by the Cathedral and 4 players on hockey skates race down to the bottom!  We have gone the last few years, and once again it was freezing out!

The Cathedral looked awesome all lit up!  They announced that there were over 120,000 people there….it was so crowded

Hans and Bob


Sweet Lydia

This past week we went to Kelsey and Robbie’s to see baby Lydia (and them) for an evening, and she is such a good baby!

I love this newborn phase and was so thrilled to get to hold her for a few hours 🙂

And we did a quick photo session…

That she slept through perfectly….there is nothing better than seeing the cuteness of a newborn in the gifts that you made for them either 🙂 I think the lavender yarn has been my favorite to knit with in a LONG time!

So sweet!

And this was kind of a big deal! Bob rarely holds babies/kids and he held Lydia! I think she really liked him too

Now I am just trying to figure out when we have another evening off to go visit again….thanks for having us over Robbie and Kelsey!

Winter Sports

It FINALLY warmed up here this weekend (meaning it wasn’t below zero) and we took full advantage of the weather! My parents came to visit for the weekend and my mom and I went out cross country skiing.

It was so beautiful outside, and even though it was still cold outside as soon as we started skiing we warmed up quickly!

Then, on Saturday morning Bob and I played broomball with our church in a pick up game and had so much fun! My parents had never seen broomball in action and watched for a bit

We love playing broomball and always have so much fun playing!

Sunday we went skiing/snowboarding which was awesome!

My dad stayed at home and said he enjoyed his alone time so much 🙂

My mom was awesome, and for picking up skiing after 15 years last year did great!

Bob hit some sweet jumps and got some air!

Bob and me


It was a fun filled weekend, but by Sunday night we were beat!  I am so ready for spring/summer to get here, but it is nice to be able to be outside and have fun now that it has warmed up a bit!

Welcome Lydia!

Baby Lydia is here!  Just 6 days after her shower, sweet Lydia made her entrance into this world!

We went to meet her yesterday and instantly fell in love!

She is so absolutely precious….all 7lbs 5 oz of her!

Kelsey, Kelly, & Lydia

Kelsey and Robbie are going to be the best parents and Lydia has no idea how blessed she is to have them as her Mom and Dad!

Proud new dad!

Bob of course loved her too…but decided taking pictures was more his style than holding her 🙂

We love you Lydia and cannot wait to be part of your life as you grow up!

Tree Burning

On Saturday night, Bob and I met with friends for the annual Christmas Tree burning on a nearby lake.  About 300 Christmas trees are collected after the holiday and a HUGE bonfire is built.

When I say HUGE….I mean massive, like don’t get within  20 feet because it is so hot!

Bob and I in front of the ice castle they built this year which was amazing!

Barb in front of the castle which included turrets and a drawbridge!

Ice Bar

Everything was built out of ice, and this was a solid block of ice!

Deanna, Tzu, Kelly, Bob, and Hans sitting on a ‘couch’ built into the castle wall

It was so cold (below zero) so I didn’t bring my big camera, so all of the pictures are cell phone quality

The lighting is a huge deal, and the nearby homeowners bring out torches and circle the bonfire

And then the pile is lit!

And SO quickly, the fire grew

We had such a fun time and definitely look forward to this event each year!

Bob and Hans

Hans and Bob

We lasted about an hour and a half which is pretty good considering the temperature!  A big thanks to Gary and Barb for inviting us every year and for their hospitality!

Kelsey’s Baby Shower

This past Friday, Emily and I hosted a baby shower for Kelsey at our house

Kelly, Kelsey, and Emily

Kelsey is due on Valentine’s Day and it was SO fun to see her and we loved visiting with her and Robbie before the rest of the girls came!

Bob, Kelly, Kelsey, and Rob

Kelsey with the decorations

I made the washcloth lollipops and a diaper cake and they turned out so cute!

Kelsey’s friend, Sara, had these adorable cookies sent since she couldn’t make the shower.  They were SO adorable and SO tasty!

We asked everyone to write their address for Kelsey to make it easier for her

Kelsey loved the lavender blanket I knit for her

The hat turned out cute as well!

We all had so much fun and it was so neat to get-together with all of these Gustie Girls!