Beer Dabbler

Bob had tickets to go to the Beer Dabbler this weekend and was surprised that I wanted to accompany him!

The event was held at the Fairgrounds and was WAY bigger that I thought and there were thousands of people there and SO many different breweries that had brought tents with their own taps.

Unfortunately it was too cold for many of the taps and they froze, but some brought portable heaters to keep their lines from freezing!

Bob loved being able to walk around and sample lots of different craft beers….and was more than happy to find things that I enjoyed as well!

There was one tent that had specialty sodas and I tried a Pomegranate that was absolutely delicious!

They had hot air balloon flames which drew in a few people to warm them up!

Our glasses…it was crazy how quickly you had to drink before it froze in the glass!

When we got their I heard over the loudspeaker “Steve J is up skiing now” and sure enough Steve (Bob’s brother) was there skiing for Red Bull! Red Bull has a winch truck that they have a cable attached (like a ski rope from a boat) that pulls the skiers so that they can ski on flat ground!

We were excited to get to see him and enjoyed watching him ski!

This last week was a rough one…Bob and I got hit with a stomach bug and spent 3 days in bed.  It was NOT fun but I am so glad we are both feeling better!

We lived on Pepto, Gatorade, Netflix, and books.

I taught myself how to knit using double pointed needles in between naps….

And finished my first seamless baby hat! SO cute!

Bob and I also trialed the embroidery on my new machine and were both amazed at how easy it was!

For a first time, we were happy with the results!

So after a bummer of a week, we still managed to have fun this weekend (and I worked too!)


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