American Girl Store

We had our friends the ‘J Family’ come and visit us this weekend and we had such a wonderful time!

We started out at the Mall of America, and Tara and I took the girls to the American Girl Store for an afternoon of fun (Bob and John took the 4 boys to the Verizon store where I think they had just as much fun)

The girls were so excited for their dolls to go to the salon and get their hair done!

They got to select the style they wanted and color of hair ribbon….

Then the doll gets placed in a cute hair salon chair complete with a cape and the magic starts!

Meanwhile, we walked around the store and took in every cute little outfit, doll, and accessory that the store had to offer and then we headed upstairs to the main event…tea!

It was seriously the cutest thing EVER!  The girls got to pick their flavor of tea (or hot chocolate/lemonade) and then were given a craft to complete while we waited for the food.  The food was absolutely adorable!  Everything was so cute and tiny and all were labeled with one of the AG’s names…Caroline’s Home Baked Cookie and Kit’s Mini Pig-In-A-Blanket.

Clarabella absolutely was in heaven!

Annalisa was all smiles as well!

And Annalisa loved the cute cupcakes too!

The dolls each got their own booster chair that attached to the table and little mugs and plates for them to ‘eat’ off of

After tea we went back downstairs to check on the dolls at the salon and Caroline was almost finished!

The girls loved getting to watch!

Clarabella and Caroline after the salon!

Such a sweet picture of Tara with Annalisa 🙂

Admiring her doll’s new hairstyle…I should have taken before and after pictures!



Both girls were just beyond thrilled

The ‘book wall’ was a huge draw for C since she LOVES to read!

The girls with the new ‘Girl of the Year’ doll Isabelle

We had such a special time and it was so neat to see how excited the girls were for each and every thing!

And while we were having fun in the store, the boys had fun on some rides 🙂 Bob, Aedan, and Noah went on a few rollercoasters and then Noah took Gabriel on a little tamer ride


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