Winter Fun

I worked this whole weekend…but that didn’t stop Bob from having tons of fun!

Saturday he went out kiteboarding with some friends and had a blast!

I wish I could have been out there watching him (remember last year when I attempted)

But it was fun getting to see the pictures and hear how excited he was when he came home!

On Sunday afternoons we play in a broomball league and have SO much fun.  Although our team has yet to win a game, we were all still smiling after this weeks game!  We both LOVE to play and look forward to Sunday afternoons each week.  Even though I am not that much of a fan of winter, there are select things that I do enjoy…and one of those is broomball!

To soften the blow of a loss, we headed to Sonic to refuel and everyone knows that I LOVE Sonic and that it is a big treat since there isn’t one nearby us at all.  I enjoyed every sip of my Powerade slushie!


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