Christmas 2013

I had to work the 23rd and 25th this year so we were able to celebrate with Bob’s family again this year which is always fun.

After a quick sleep on Christmas Eve, we went to a beautiful Christmas service at a church near Bob’s grandparents house before we headed to the whole ‘J’ family gathering.  We always get together at the ‘lodge’ for family get-togethers and it was beautifully decorated when we got there!

The puzzle was a big hit and I think there was always a few people working on it.

As always, the ping pong table got lots of use (although the little kids kind of took over this year!)

Wyatt with his grandpa Scott

The kids were literally counting down the minutes until they got to open gifts (Bob’s cousin’s kids)

And the opening started! I love to watch people open gifts, and kept turning each way to see everyone as people were scattered everywhere!

Helping Grandma J open a present

The great-grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa J

Great Grandma with her great-great grandkids!

Grandma and Grandpa J with 3 of their 5 children…Dave, Vicki, & Scott

Bob and I (I think this is the only photo of the two of us from the whole holiday!)

Dave and Laurel (Bob’s parents)

Bob, Dave, Laurel, and Kelly

On Christmas Day, we celebrated with Bob’s parents, brother and girlfriend, other grandparents, and aunt and uncle but I didn’t take any pictures! We had a wonderful holiday and it was so nice to spend it with family.

I did just find one more picture of the two of us before we headed to church on Christmas Eve!


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