Carrie’s Baby Shower

I was able to fly out to New York for my sister’s baby shower right after Christmas (thanks to my parents!)  My mom and I had been planning for months…and let me tell you it is HARD to plan a baby shower from a different state!

I got some cute new luggage for Christmas and was happy to use it!

My original flight ended up being overbooked but I happily took a ‘bump’ to a direct flight that got in an hour earlier than my original flight plan for a free voucher from the airline!  I was happy to wait a little longer in the MSP airport and headed to my favorite Chick-Fil-A for some dinner (compliments of  Delta and free food vouchers too!)

The sunset was gorgeous as we were flying and I was happy that I could snap this photo on my phone since ‘airplane’ mode is now allowed!

Between all things baby shower, we were able to fit in a quick 3d movie

and my dad experienced 3d for the first time!

Okay…now onto all things baby shower….

We had a basket for guests to write their addresses down for Carrie and Nick

Close up of the sign

Cake pops (homemade by my mom and Carrie with help from myself, Dad, and Nick)

These cookies were the other favor and they turned out so cute!

I had SO much fun planning the decorations, and was happy with how everything turned out!

Washcloth lollipops and the main diaper cake

Diaper cake (we used size 1 Target brand diapers to get the all white look)

Washcloth lollipops (just rolled up baby washcloths tied with cellophane and put on a stick!)

I LOVED these!

Each table had a smaller diaper cake (we originally had used Huggies diapers so 2 of the cakes were not all white but had the Huggies designs and I would definitely recommend buying the Target brand diapers if you are planning on making a diaper cake)

The banner turned out adorable. I cut out individual onesies using a clipart pattern in different pastel colors. Then using my MIL’s Cricut cut the letters out, glued them on using Elmer’s adhesive spray.  Then with tiny clothespins attached them to twine.  The result was adorable!

Up close picture of one of the letters

The banner was probably my favorite decoration from the whole shower.

Carrie and Nick

The mom-to-be!

Carrie and me

Kelly, Mom, Carrie, Dad

The grandparents-to-be

Baby B got loved on by SO many people!

The shower was held at the Mirabelle Inn in Stony Brook and they had the most amazing brunch ever!

The cake was SO cute and was the best carrot cake I have ever had!

Carrie and Nick with the cake

One of the games we played involved making a Play-Doh baby

People took this very seriously

The completed ‘babies’.  Carrie then selected the best one, and the creater won a prize!


This baby even had a tiny rubber ducky!

Then it was time for gifts…and oh my goodness did Baby B get some CUTE things!

The guests played Baby Bingo while Carrie and Nick opened gifts. They were given this blank card (I apologize for the screen shot I forgot to take pictures of it) which had a word bank of potential baby gifts at the bottom.  They filled out their card with a baby gift in each square and as Carrie and Nick opened gifts got to mark off a square if the gift matched one of their squares.  It was a fun game and kept people entertained during the gift opening.

Baby B will be able to match his/her daddy in this cute Doctor onesie!

Carrie and Nick were so blessed by their friends and family!

My mom’s hand knit blanket

Carrie picked out the cutest baby bear bedding that will be perfect for either a boy or a girl!  Bob and I got them their stroller (which I didn’t get a picture of but you can see it behind them here)

Nick and his friends from school

Carrie and Kate

Carrie and her friends from work

It was so wonderful being able to celebrate my little niece or nephew but I cannot wait until March when he/she decides to come!

After a quick trip, I left NY and headed back to the frigid cold of Minnesota (it has been below zero degrees every day since I got back!)


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