New York City Day 2

We had a FULL day 2 in NYC and had so much fun!

We started by going to the Public Library and I was so impressed!

Even Leo Astor and Leo Lenox were decorated for Christmas!

The front hall was absolutely beautiful!

I LOVED the building

They had a children’s book display and of course Bob and Nick had to have a little fun

They had on display the original Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh, and Piglet that A.A. Milne’s son Christopher Robin played with.

The Goodnight Moon section was so realistic

The Rose Main Reading Room

Nick getting studious…on his cell phone 🙂

Then we headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral…

And were met with this…there was literally one aisle to walk down in the entire church!

 There was scaffolding EVERYWHERE!

They had a neat manger scene on display

But I was a little confused as to the dog sitting next to Mary

We then stopped by Radio City Hall (where we were going to the Rockette’s show later in the day) where we started a walking tour that we downloaded to our phones.

But first, Carrie and Bob had to pick out some candy at a candy store (check out the size of that gummy bear!)

The tour took us to Rockefeller Center

Where the tree looks completely different during the day!

Prometheus fountain in Rockefeller Center

The Swarovski crystal star at the top of the tree is 9 feet in diameter and has over 25,o00 crystals

They had a replica on display near the tree so you could see the details more clearly

Carrie and Kelly in Rockefeller Center

We saw this awesome fire truck parked along the side of the road

It was so neat to see the different stores all decorated…this is Cartier

Sak’s had an awesome window display at the whole store was decorated!

Nick & Carrie

Bob and Nick enjoyed their Irish Coffee with lunch

We headed back to Radio City Hall for the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular show!

Surprisingly they allowed photography….so I happily took a few pictures

We LOVED the show!

The manger scene at the end of the show was complete with live animals…including camels!

The only picture of the 4 of us from the whole trip!

Bob and Kelly

I just loved all of the Christmas decorations all over the city! (this was outside of the St. Regis Hotel)

Trump Tower

Tiffany’s had some cute window displays (and of course gorgeous jewelry nestled within the display)

Then we went to FAO Schwartz

And the Apple Store

The Plaza Hotel was gorgeous as well!

By the time we finished our walking tour (all of the above-mentioned spots were part of the tour) we were on the hunt for someplace to eat for dinner

But first I got a picture in front of the ‘LOVE’ sign

We ate dinner at a cute pizzeria and enjoyed the pizza (although they forgot to put Carrie’s order in so she had to wait until after we were done eating to get her food)

After we ate dinner we headed back to Rockefeller Center….

With my love….

This is one of my favorite pictures….Rockefeller Center was SO beautiful!

If you turned around from where this picture was taken, Sak’s 5th Avenue had the neatest light show on the side of their building!

We just walked around after dinner and enjoyed all of the lights and decorations

Times Square

Again Times Square

We stopped for dessert before heading back to our hotel

And Carrie got the biggest piece of carrot cake that I have ever seen!


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