Christmas Prep

Since we were gone at the beginning of December (and Thanksgiving was SO late this year) we really felt cramped to get all things Christmas done this year.

Our house got some Christmas lights up…but nothing near what we have done in the past

Since my parents were headed out to NY to celebrate Christmas out there, they came to visit us and we celebrated early.  We got them snowshoes which I think they will enjoy (well I hope they will!)

One of my gifts from them was this amazing sewing/embroidery machine which I am SOOO excited to use.  I have decided it needed to stay in the box until after Christmas because I just have NO time to devote to learning how to use it until after.

We had Bob’s work Christmas party which was so much fun!

I got all of my gifts wrapped (this is pre-ribbon) but I am in love with the paper I bought for this year.  I always buy things a year in advance once they go on sale in January…and still love it after I bought it 11 months ago!

We went out for dinner at Dick’s Last Resort at the MOA for Jon’s birthday…and it was not my cup of tea.  It is a restaurant that has ‘service with sarcasm’ and basically the waiters make fun of you and yell at you the whole time.  The guys thought it was hilarious…but I was not a fan as much/at all.


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