New York City Day 1

From Carrie and Nick’s we all took the LIRR into New York City where we stayed for a few days.  The first night, we went to see Annie on Broadway and I absolutely LOVED it!

Bob wasn’t so sure about going to see it, but the sets were fabulous and the kids couldn’t have done a better job!

The stage before the show started…we had amazing seats since Bob waited in line that afternoon for over and hour to get them for 50% off!  We were so thankful that he did that for us!  Carrie and I ALMOST missed the train going into the city but thankfully it was running 7 minutes late which I guess NEVER happens!

Before the show!

We stayed at the Sheraton right in Times Square and it was SO nice to be right in the thick of the city….this is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip and I took it on my cell phone!

We went to M&M World after the show….they had a squished penny so of course we had to check out the store!


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