Long Island, NY

Bob and I headed to NY to visit Carrie and Nick at the beginning of the month.

Of course, on the day we were to fly out we got a huge snowstorm and after having our flight changed 4 times, we made it to NY!  It was neat to watch the de-icer work on the planes as they came in though!

They live on Long Island and there is always so many fun things to do!  On our first day we went to the Walt Whitman birthplace home in Huntington.

The home was built in 1810 and I loved the typical Long Island build of the house.  Unfortunately, our tour guide might possibly have been the worst tour guide in the history of tour guides.  She offered no details, stories, or virtually anything about the house without us probing with questions.  She basically just opened the door and said ‘Here’s the house’.

We then headed to Old Bethpage Village, which is a recreated village that they built by moving historic homes, stores, etc… all to one location and have workers dressed in costume to tell you about each place

Most of the houses/buildings are from the mid 1800s which is a timeframe that I absolutely LOVE!

They had done a beautiful job with each of the buildings

And inside they were restored beautifully as well

The sewing machine in the bottom left hand corner was really neat!

They had a farm with some animals….

including this 800 pound pig! Holy moly was he HUGE!

I loved the one room schoolhouse

It just brings me right back to my childhood love of Little House on the Prairie…

That night we ate dinner at the always amazing Mirabelle Tavern and Bob and Nick enjoyed their local beer…

I got an amazing Caesar salad and I think Bob was gagging as I enjoyed the whole sardines on top 🙂

The next day, Bob headed into the city to spend some time with his friend Nate who lives there, Carrie had to work so I worked on a few things for her baby shower!!  She is due March 8th and I couldn’t be more excited to be an auntie (for the 2nd time!)

This is the beginning of the banner I am making and I think it is turning out pretty cute!

These washcloth lollipops turned out better than I had expected as well…things are definitely coming together for her shower!


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