Kansas City Visit!

We were excited to visit Misti & Ashton and see their new house, and it worked out perfectly that Nick had an interview in KC so we just went down with him for the weekend (Nick was with us from Sept-Oct and part of Nov)

Nick and Bob are double trouble, so I settled in in the backseat for the 7+ hour drive.

We ate some amazing barbecue at Oklahoma Joe’s the first night….

It was SO good! Nick and I split the ribs and their Z-Man sandwich and were in heaven.  Definitely the best barbecue I have had!

Nick loved the open carry law in Missouri and enjoyed a beer on our way downtown for dinner

We had drinks at the Flying Saucer which had SO many taps….the guys loved it!

We visited the World War 1 Museum which was one of the neatest museums that I have ever been to.

The Liberty Memorial tower was really neat and had a great view of the city!

Bob, Ashton, & Misti

Nick & Kelly


This is part of the Pantheon de la Guerre which is sections of a mural painting (that is the largest painting in the world) that was painted after WW1 and is a massive panoramic painting that originally was displayed in a circular pattern.  They sectioned the painting off and parts are now on display at the museum.

The museum had displays up depicting a trench

Of course I was intrigued by the nurses uniforms 🙂

Misti, Ashton, Kelly, & Bob

Gorgeous sunset

That night we ate at Beer Kitchen

Nick was adventurous and got chicken and waffles and loved it…I decided that was a little too daring for me!

We also went to Union Station which was awesome!

It is so hard for me to imagine the hustle and bustle the train stations must have been when it opened in 1914.  It is absolutely gorgeous and SO big once you get inside.

They were just decorating for Christmas and I’m sure it is now absolutely beautiful.

And of course I was happy when we stopped at Sonic on our way home!

We had a great time visiting Misti and Ashton and we can’t believe the next time we go down (in January) we will have a nephew to visit! We couldn’t be more excited!

I had a little fun shopping for him as well 🙂


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