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Candy Houses

We love our small group, and for our Christmas party, we decorated cardboard houses with loads of frosting and candy.

Pastor Rob and his wife Terri, hosted the party and created these awesome houses for us to decorate out of cardboard boxes!

Bob got right to work on our ‘big’ house…he is so creative!

Our ‘spread’ of candy to use!

We also decorated some smaller houses for some of the homebound members of our congregation which was neat.

Don & Ashleigh hard at work

We had SO much fun!

Billy and Becca were pretty serious about their house too 🙂

I was so impressed with everyone’s creativity…I basically did whatever Bob told me to do.  I am definitely the implementer not the designer.

The finished products….


Billy & Becca’s

Don & Ashleigh’s

Rob & Terri’s

The back of ours

And all of the little ones!

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful small group and are so thankful for them!


Christmas Prep

Since we were gone at the beginning of December (and Thanksgiving was SO late this year) we really felt cramped to get all things Christmas done this year.

Our house got some Christmas lights up…but nothing near what we have done in the past

Since my parents were headed out to NY to celebrate Christmas out there, they came to visit us and we celebrated early.  We got them snowshoes which I think they will enjoy (well I hope they will!)

One of my gifts from them was this amazing sewing/embroidery machine which I am SOOO excited to use.  I have decided it needed to stay in the box until after Christmas because I just have NO time to devote to learning how to use it until after.

We had Bob’s work Christmas party which was so much fun!

I got all of my gifts wrapped (this is pre-ribbon) but I am in love with the paper I bought for this year.  I always buy things a year in advance once they go on sale in January…and still love it after I bought it 11 months ago!

We went out for dinner at Dick’s Last Resort at the MOA for Jon’s birthday…and it was not my cup of tea.  It is a restaurant that has ‘service with sarcasm’ and basically the waiters make fun of you and yell at you the whole time.  The guys thought it was hilarious…but I was not a fan as much/at all.

New York City Day 3

Since we had done so much the day before, we decided to have a shorter day before we headed back to Long Island

We went back to Rockefeller Center and went on the NBC Studio Tour which was neat.  Photography is not allowed which was a bummer but we got to see Brian William’s desk/studio and the set of SNL which was neat.

Bob and Nick also acted in their live news performance which was funny to watch!

From there we headed to Macy’s to see their Christmas display

We had to wait in line for probably close to an hour to weave through the display

But they had such cute displays….

Bob and Nick enjoyed the trains

We then went to Penn Station and enjoyed the ride home on the train….

And some of us took naps 🙂

We had such a fun time with Carrie and Nick and were sad to leave the next day….

New York City Day 2

We had a FULL day 2 in NYC and had so much fun!

We started by going to the Public Library and I was so impressed!

Even Leo Astor and Leo Lenox were decorated for Christmas!

The front hall was absolutely beautiful!

I LOVED the building

They had a children’s book display and of course Bob and Nick had to have a little fun

They had on display the original Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh, and Piglet that A.A. Milne’s son Christopher Robin played with.

The Goodnight Moon section was so realistic

The Rose Main Reading Room

Nick getting studious…on his cell phone 🙂

Then we headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral…

And were met with this…there was literally one aisle to walk down in the entire church!

 There was scaffolding EVERYWHERE!

They had a neat manger scene on display

But I was a little confused as to the dog sitting next to Mary

We then stopped by Radio City Hall (where we were going to the Rockette’s show later in the day) where we started a walking tour that we downloaded to our phones.

But first, Carrie and Bob had to pick out some candy at a candy store (check out the size of that gummy bear!)

The tour took us to Rockefeller Center

Where the tree looks completely different during the day!

Prometheus fountain in Rockefeller Center

The Swarovski crystal star at the top of the tree is 9 feet in diameter and has over 25,o00 crystals

They had a replica on display near the tree so you could see the details more clearly

Carrie and Kelly in Rockefeller Center

We saw this awesome fire truck parked along the side of the road

It was so neat to see the different stores all decorated…this is Cartier

Sak’s had an awesome window display at the whole store was decorated!

Nick & Carrie

Bob and Nick enjoyed their Irish Coffee with lunch

We headed back to Radio City Hall for the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular show!

Surprisingly they allowed photography….so I happily took a few pictures

We LOVED the show!

The manger scene at the end of the show was complete with live animals…including camels!

The only picture of the 4 of us from the whole trip!

Bob and Kelly

I just loved all of the Christmas decorations all over the city! (this was outside of the St. Regis Hotel)

Trump Tower

Tiffany’s had some cute window displays (and of course gorgeous jewelry nestled within the display)

Then we went to FAO Schwartz

And the Apple Store

The Plaza Hotel was gorgeous as well!

By the time we finished our walking tour (all of the above-mentioned spots were part of the tour) we were on the hunt for someplace to eat for dinner

But first I got a picture in front of the ‘LOVE’ sign

We ate dinner at a cute pizzeria and enjoyed the pizza (although they forgot to put Carrie’s order in so she had to wait until after we were done eating to get her food)

After we ate dinner we headed back to Rockefeller Center….

With my love….

This is one of my favorite pictures….Rockefeller Center was SO beautiful!

If you turned around from where this picture was taken, Sak’s 5th Avenue had the neatest light show on the side of their building!

We just walked around after dinner and enjoyed all of the lights and decorations

Times Square

Again Times Square

We stopped for dessert before heading back to our hotel

And Carrie got the biggest piece of carrot cake that I have ever seen!

New York City Day 1

From Carrie and Nick’s we all took the LIRR into New York City where we stayed for a few days.  The first night, we went to see Annie on Broadway and I absolutely LOVED it!

Bob wasn’t so sure about going to see it, but the sets were fabulous and the kids couldn’t have done a better job!

The stage before the show started…we had amazing seats since Bob waited in line that afternoon for over and hour to get them for 50% off!  We were so thankful that he did that for us!  Carrie and I ALMOST missed the train going into the city but thankfully it was running 7 minutes late which I guess NEVER happens!

Before the show!

We stayed at the Sheraton right in Times Square and it was SO nice to be right in the thick of the city….this is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip and I took it on my cell phone!

We went to M&M World after the show….they had a squished penny so of course we had to check out the store!

Long Island, NY

Bob and I headed to NY to visit Carrie and Nick at the beginning of the month.

Of course, on the day we were to fly out we got a huge snowstorm and after having our flight changed 4 times, we made it to NY!  It was neat to watch the de-icer work on the planes as they came in though!

They live on Long Island and there is always so many fun things to do!  On our first day we went to the Walt Whitman birthplace home in Huntington.

The home was built in 1810 and I loved the typical Long Island build of the house.  Unfortunately, our tour guide might possibly have been the worst tour guide in the history of tour guides.  She offered no details, stories, or virtually anything about the house without us probing with questions.  She basically just opened the door and said ‘Here’s the house’.

We then headed to Old Bethpage Village, which is a recreated village that they built by moving historic homes, stores, etc… all to one location and have workers dressed in costume to tell you about each place

Most of the houses/buildings are from the mid 1800s which is a timeframe that I absolutely LOVE!

They had done a beautiful job with each of the buildings

And inside they were restored beautifully as well

The sewing machine in the bottom left hand corner was really neat!

They had a farm with some animals….

including this 800 pound pig! Holy moly was he HUGE!

I loved the one room schoolhouse

It just brings me right back to my childhood love of Little House on the Prairie…

That night we ate dinner at the always amazing Mirabelle Tavern and Bob and Nick enjoyed their local beer…

I got an amazing Caesar salad and I think Bob was gagging as I enjoyed the whole sardines on top 🙂

The next day, Bob headed into the city to spend some time with his friend Nate who lives there, Carrie had to work so I worked on a few things for her baby shower!!  She is due March 8th and I couldn’t be more excited to be an auntie (for the 2nd time!)

This is the beginning of the banner I am making and I think it is turning out pretty cute!

These washcloth lollipops turned out better than I had expected as well…things are definitely coming together for her shower!

Christmas Card 2013

My absolute favorite thing about Christmas (other than celebrating Our Savior’s birth of course) is sending and receiving Christmas Cards!  So once again, I am linking up with Faith’s Christmas Card Carousel….

I ordered from Vistaprint this year and was very happy with how our cards turned out!

The pictures we chose (in clockwise order): the Redwood Forest, San Francisco, wakeboarding, Packer vs Viking game, and a fall photo session.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and have a very Merry Christmas!

Welcome Cameron David!!

Bob and I are SO proud to announce that we are officially an uncle and aunt!  Misti and Ashton had their sweet baby boy today!

He is 8lb Ooz and 21 inches long….and is absolutely perfect!

We cannot wait to meet him…and are so thankful for a healthy mom and baby!

So precious!  We love you so much Cam!

Thanks Misti for the pictures!  We are so happy for your sweet new family!


We have been busy lately, but nothing very picture-worthy so this might be a bit of a hodge-podge of a post!

I watched Harper and Declan one day two weeks ago and we had so much fun….although Declan wasn’t too happy when he woke up in the morning!

We read lots of books…

And went to MOA where Harper got to ‘meet’ her favorite character, Dora! She was so excited…it was adorable!

We met up with Emily who was watching the twins so it was fun to have all 4 kids!  We stopped by Sea Life and Harper loved looking in the little aquarium they have out front.

I did a mini closet purge and got rid of tons of clothes….I LOVE getting rid of things and organizing so this was very exciting for me!

Since we have been gone so much, we haven’t been able to spend as much time with our friends Bri and Jon as we normally do, but we have managed to sneak in a few games of Ticket to Ride.

And the snow has hit us HARD in the past few weeks…and I am just bummed to know that it will probably be 5 months before we see the grass again!  You would think that having lived in Minnesota/Wisconsin for almost my entire life I would be used to this fact by now, but I’m not!

We got to spend some time with our friends the J family…and of course we loved our quality time with the kiddos!

We just got back from visiting Carrie and Nick in New York….so between unpacking, working, and getting ready for Christmas we have been busy!

Packers vs Vikings

Bob and I traveled to WI in November for the Packers vs Vikings game at Lambeau.  It has been a rough 2nd half of the season for the Packers since Aaron Rodgers got hurt, but I will always cheer hard for my team and we were excited to get to Lambeau for a game!

The new addition looks awesome, and the new screens made a huge difference in being able to see replays and such.

All bundled up for the game!

My mom and me

We cheered hard, but unfortunately it went into overtime and ended in a TIE!  I had never been to an NFL game that had ended in a tie before…and it was such a weird atmosphere walking out of Lambeau because neither team was excited.