Silicon Valley

We ended up having an extra half day, which we decided was due to the fact that we are very efficient travelers!

I had planned most every day, so I let Bob decide what we were going to do!  He quickly decided on going to Silicon Valley to see Google Headquarters and the Computer History Museum.

So we got up early, packed our suitcases, took a bus, then a train, then walked 2 miles(with our luggage) to the Google Headquarters.

Bob was in absolute HEAVEN and states this day was his favorite of the whole trip.  I put a smile on my face and enjoyed it because he did!

I was instructed that these are the versions of Android (Cupcake, KitKat which is the newest, FroYo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, HoneyComb)

Bob with Kit Kat the newest version

And the big Android

Then we walked back to the Computer History Museum

Which of course, Bob really enjoyed!

There were some things like this original NES and Game Boy that caught my eye

But I’m pretty sure Bob enjoyed it more than me!

From the museum we walked back to the train station, took the train, then the Bart, to the airport.  It was a busy day but I was happy Bob enjoyed himself so much!  We had such a great vacation, but as always were happy to sleep in our own bed once we got home!



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