San Francisco Part 4

The next morning we got up early to catch the ferry to Angel Island, which was the West Coast Immigration Station.

The bay (and you can see Coit Tower)

This was as close to Alcatraz as we got during the trip (and Bob was so bummed…)

Once our ferry docked at Angel Island, we walked towards the Immigration Station

The detention center, where immigrants were detained for weeks and weeks.

Fog bell on Angel Island

The detention center was newly restored….

The living quarters are depicted here with bunks stacked 3 high

There were so many characters engraved into the wall which was neat to see how they had survived so many years

We were on a tour that with a college class and our tour guide was fabulous….so knowledgeable!

One of the famous poems written in Chinese on the wall in the Detention Center

Bob got a kick out of this bird and kept trying to get closer.

We were a little discouraged with Angel Island since everything seemed to be closed once we got out there, you couldn’t rent a bike, eat lunch, or take the tram so we ended up just waiting for the ferry to take us back.  We did really enjoy the tour of the Immigration Station though.

After docking, we walked along the bay towards AT &T  Park and walked beneath the Bay Bridge

There was only one tour in the morning, but it was still neat to see the stadium from the outside!

We did pick up a pair of wristbands for my dad at the gift shop though

(and I did find a SF Giants squished penny at Fisherman’s Wharf so I was happy!)

Willie Mays

That night we ate at the Buena Vista in Fisherman’s Wharf

Bob LOVED this French Dip but I was disappointed in whatever I ordered (which I no longer remember)


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