San Francisco Part 3

Our next full day we devoted to the Golden Gate Bridge and Park (for all of you who have been to SF know that they are not actually connected, the Park came first and later the bridge was built)

So once again, we WALKED down to Presidio Park for some gorgeous views of the bridge.

And were greeted with these signs….of course!

(a note on this picture….everyone who knows me knows that I RARELY wear tennis shoes unless I am working out….but we calculated the previous days walking and it was nearly 10 miles! My feet were tired and needed a little more TLC than my Toms or Sperry’s could give!)

Battery East

And another quick video

It was so neat to walk on the bridge…but there were SO many people and so many bikers that were new to biking that it was kind of scary to me!

Fort Point from the bridge

The skyline

From there we took a bus to Golden Gate Park

Cute little turtles! The park was WAY bigger than I had thought….and we quickly got tired of walking

And it was frustrating because we didn’t have a good map of how the park was laid out

We then went to the Japanese Tea Gardens which were beautiful!

There were HUGE koi fish!

This scarf is the one I bought in China Town

The Tea Gardens were so beautiful!

Our next stop was to the Painted Ladies, as this row of Victorian Homes is known as….

I absolutely LOVED them!

And since we were only 10 or so blocks away (and it was on our way back to the hotel) we walked to the real ‘Full House’ house from the television show!

Unfortunately, the current owners are remodeling so this was what we got to see when we arrived…bummer!

Once again, we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner and a beautiful sunset overlooking the bay!

We stumbled upon Boudin Bakery and walked through their neat museum. This was a favorite of ours and really had a TON of information on the history of San Francisco as well as the bakery.

And it overlooked part of the bakery which was really neat.

We had dinner at the bistro there and I got a clam chowder bread bowl which was fabulous!


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