San Francisco Part 2

From the Ferrari Park (not sure exactly which park it was), we walked to the Cable Car Museum.

I loved the architecture in San Francisco!  Each street was gorgeous!

The museum was free which was awesome and was way cooler than I had anticipated!

These are the actual cables that run beneath the streets and are in continual motion!  It was hard for me to wrap my head around this fact!

One of the original cable cars

We were both tuckered out by this point in the day, and sat and watched a video for about 15 minutes….it was a much needed break!

What else could we have done but ride a cable car after visiting the museum!

We were smooshed on the inside but did manage to get a few pictures after we reached the end point!

We had a quick lunch at Chipotle and then continued onto China Town

I bought a fun scarf (which you will see in upcoming pictures) while we were here!

Then we went to Bob’s Donuts and Pastries…because with a name like that how could we miss it! (Actually, we had found a Groupon for a t-shirt and donuts so that was the real drive)

The donuts really hit the spot!

We ate dinner at this awesome little burger place called Super Duper Burgers and it was probably my favorite place we ate!

They had these awesome garlic fries and amazing malts! YUM!


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