San Francisco Part 1

Our first full day in San Francisco was SO much fun…we started the day by walking down Lombard St to the famous crooked section

It was SO neat! Bob was bummed we still didn’t have our rental car since he wanted to drive on it!

And we were happy to exchange cameras with a sweet woman so we got a picture of the two of us!

From there we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf and to Ghiardelli Square.

Where we had this delicious ice cream sundae! (It was an early lunch for us) 🙂

They had an area set up where you could see how they make their delicious treats

It was SO good…

I later snapped this photo (we spent nearly every evening at Fisherman’s Wharf)

The starting point of one of the San Francisco Trolley Car

And we walked onto Fisherman’s Wharf

We visited the Musee Mecanique which was an unexpected find for us!

They had hundreds of old arcade games from the early 1900s

We were just amazed at the number of displays (all are functional and use either 25 or 50 cents to operate)

Lauffing Sal is one of the showpieces and is beyond creepy! Hahaha…this clown is over 6 feet tall and just laughs when you put money in….

We walked down one of the piers to see an old Navy ship and submarine

Another shot of Alcatraz….Bob is still sad at this point that we didn’t get to go on our tour

Checking out the bay

Pier 39 is famous for the sea lions that inhabit the docks.

After an earthquake in 1989, the seals moved into the bay and slowly took over the docks and now are the sole inhabitants in this pier!

They are SO loud!

We then walked along the bay for a little ways

And enjoyed window shopping

I LOVED this crab at Pier 39 🙂

From there we headed to the Coit Tower

Which was built from the estate of Lillie Coit in 1933.  It is at the top of Telegraph Hill and is supposed to resemble a fire hose nozzle, as Lillie was known when she was a child as the Firemen’s mascot.  She used to run up Telegraph Hill with the firemen and encourage them.

We took the elevator up to the top

and the views were gorgeous!

From the Coit Tower, we headed back down the hill

The roads in San Francisco can be SOO steep and we easily broke a sweat every time we walked somewhere!

You know it is a steep road when the sidewalk turns into stairs!

From Coit Tower, Bob wanted to head to this park that he could see….

there was a Ferrari festival going on and were probably 30 Ferrari’s parked in the park!  I couldn’t believe that Bob could tell the cars were Ferrari’s from the top of the Coit Tower!

Bob was in HEAVEN!

This was just part of our day….more to come!


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