Back to San Francisco

The next day of our trip was spent traveling back to San Francisco where we stayed for the remainder of the week.

I realized on our way out of the Avenue of the Giants that I hadn’t taken a single video of the trees….so I quickly shot this as we were driving

Our first stop was at the One Log House

Which was built in 1946 and toured the US on a trailer as a camper (it has a kitchen, dining area, and bedroom)

You have to get a special code now to unlock the door…we were excited!


Sleeping area for two

Dining area

Our next stop was probably my favorite…the Chandelier Drive Through tree

It is SOOO cool! And definitely the best drive through tree!

And of course I had already scoped out that they had a penny machine šŸ™‚

And we drove through a second time so I could video šŸ™‚

We made it back to San Francisco, returned our rental car, and made it to our hotel which was near Fisherman’s Wharf.

We walked down to the bay where we watched the sunset. It was gorgeous!

Our first view of Alcatraz (which we were so disappointed by the fact that due to the government shut down we couldn’t go even though we had already pre-purchased tickets!)

Love this picture!

We had pizza at this cute pizzeria that night but didn’t take any pictures….


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