Avenue of the Giants

Due to the unfortunate timing of our trip, the government happened to be shut down, which normally would not have posed an issue….but we had plans to go the Redwood National Park. Fortunately Humboldt State Park is just south of where we were staying (in Eureka, CA) and proudly boasts some of the largest trees so we simply made a slight adjustment to our plans.

The Immortal Tree (along the Avenue of Giants) was our first stop, this tree is scarred from a massive flood, scorched from a fire, and shows notches where lumberjacks started to cut it down….and it is still living!

Looking up the Immortal tree (the axe is where the tree was cut, the fish shows how high the floodwaters were)

Bob and I in a cut and hollowed Redwood.

We stopped at the Eternal Tree House, which is a hollowed out Redwood that used to have a souvenir shop inside.

Now you can just walk in, but you can kind of get the feel of how enormous these trees are!

We enjoyed a home-style breakfast at the cafe there

I struggle to show these pictures because they really do not do the trees justice and it is impossible to see truly how BIG they are!

This is the Founders Tree

It is one of the larger trees in the State Park

There were a few massive trees that had fallen, and they literally just pull out of the ground!

This fallen tree is the Dyerville Giant (and what you can’t see in the picture is that Bob is standing at the other end!)

We went to two different Drive-Through trees…..this is the Shrine Drive Through

Our tiny rental Yaris barely fit through!

There were paint stripes on the inside of the tree from bigger cars that had tried to fit through…

They also had a drive-on tree

And some cute tree houses

After spending the day at Humboldt, we drove to Eureka for the evening.

Our first stop was the Carson Mansion which was built in 1884 by William Carson (who lead the lumber industry). Unfortunately it is now privately owned but is absolutely beautiful!

We ate at a neat restaurant right on the harbor and it was fun to see the boats coming in for the night.

After dinner we went to Fort Humboldt State Park

Here they had some old lumber relics like this steam donkey that was used to help get the trees out of the forest after they had been cut down

We went for a gorgeous walk on the beach that evening…


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