Pacific Coast Highway

I know I am almost a month behind in posting…but things have been SO busy around here between work and vacation(s) I haven’t had a second to catch up!

Bob and I went to California in October and had such an awesome trip!  We flew into San Francisco, where we rented a car and headed up the Pacific Coast Highway toward the Redwood National Forest.

On our way out of San Francisco we stopped for a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge which was SO neat! (We just happened to be on vacation during the government shut down so the parking lots were closed surrounding the bridge which meant I had to run really quickly while Bob illegally waited for me in the car!)

Driving across the bridge was such a neat experience!

Our first stop was Bodega Bay where the Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ was filmed and we stopped at the Potter School House that was in the movie.

Oh my goodness was Bodega Bay stunning!

I really couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous cliffs and water!

We headed on our way north from Bodega Bay and stopped at various places along the way….

There were NUMEROUS times throughout the day that Bob would pull over onto one of the ‘scenic look’ pullouts so I could snap a picture….he was such a trooper to put up with me!

Our tiny Yaris was perfect for the winding roads…and Bob had so much fun driving along the coast.  He says it was one of the highlights of the trip!

The coast was so beautiful!

Point Arena Lighthouse

It was early on in our vacation so Bob actually would pose for me….

Point Cabrillo Light Station

The sun was just starting to set and was so beautiful!

The rest of the drive was very scary for me as it got dark quickly and the last hour and a half were spent driving through the forests and up to Eureka, CA.  We were so happy to get to the hotel and were excited for the next day’s adventure to see the Redwoods!


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