Point Brewery Tour

Bob and I spent the weekend in my hometown visiting my parents and decided to take a tour of the local brewery that I had never visited…

The outside is nothing special…but the brewery has been around since 1857 which is a year before the town was founded

They just completed a renovation and it was neat to see!

I don’t remember what all of the big tanks are called but it was neat to see into them!

This is where they fill all of the kegs

That is a lot of cans (all empties)

The filling room where all of the bottles and cans are filled and inspected

And of course the tasting at the end…Bob’s favorite part!

We each got three tickets and guess who used most of them 🙂

We had a fun and relaxing weekend with my parents and it was nice to spend time with them without having a million things on our agenda.  My dad is doing well with his cardiac rehab but unfortunately the medications he is taking are not working effectively in blocking his uncontrolled heart rate all of the time.  So he is scheduled to have a procedure at the end of the month to selectively reduce the erratic electrical activity in his heart.  We truly appreciate your prayers during this time.


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