Misti & Ashton’s Wedding Details

I finally am catching up on the busyness of the past few weeks…my sweet sister-in-law, Misti got married a week ago and we had such a fun weekend celebrating with them!  We got up early, and headed down to Missouri….

 Bob’s parents drove Friday morning and we enjoyed just being able to relax in the car before helping to get things set up for the big day!

We spent ALL day getting the tent ready…and LOVED the finished product! The wedding was held at Ashton’s grandmother’s farm which was absolutely gorgeous!

She has the most adorable farmhouse on a beautiful piece of land!

Bob and Dave did an awesome job securing this chandelier so it wouldn’t fall!

The rehearsal dinner was amazing….and Ashton’s family made everything!

The centerpieces were so cute!

After the rehearsal dinner…Bob treated me to my favorite Sonic Powerade slush.  It is such a shame that there aren’t many Sonic’s in MN!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to get the tables and rest of the tent decorated…

And then this happened….

A storm came rolling through with major wind gusts and we just about lost the tent.  I swear my heart stopped beating a few times!  Thank the Lord that there happened to be about 20 guys standing around when the poles started going who rushed to keep everything stable!

We can laugh about it now, but it was SO scary when it happened and I truly thought that we were going to lose the entire tent!

Misti’s friend Elly, and her mom Julie helped to plan and make all of the decorations and let me tell you…everything was SO cute!

The centerpieces

Drinking glasses

Snack table

In front of the cake table

Cake table


Cake again 🙂

Card box

Thumb print guest book….each guest was asked to stamp their fingerprint on the tree and sign their name (what a cute idea- and Steve drew the tree in about 10 minutes!)

The Head Table

As stormy and icky as the weather had been, blue skies came out and the ceremony and reception were beautiful!

As you can clearly see…everything was beautiful!  I LOVED the country theme and it all turned out perfect and I will share the wedding and reception pictures soon!


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