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Weekend of Showers!

Misti and Ashton came to Minnesota last weekend and we were so excited to spend time with them! On Saturday, the sweet ladies at church threw a wonderful shower….

Laurel, Kelly, and Misti

These sweet ladies throw the cutest showers (although unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture before the cupcakes were gone!)

And Misti was truly blessed with the gifts she received from all of the women!

Oh and these cupcakes…to DIE for! So yummy!

Then on Sunday, we had a family shower which was even more fun!

And everyone oohed and aahed over the cute little baby things!  Bob and Misti’s great-grandma announced she wanted them to open the baby gifts first because that’s all she wanted to see….too cute!

Anything baby is cute to me!

Meanwhile….the Vikings game was on in the corner and the men may have gotten a bit distracted 🙂

We got them their stroller…and you have no idea how excited I am to take our little nephew for walks in it!

Laurel was the recorder (I had done this at the church shower and then realized I didn’t get any pictures!)

Grandpa George and Bob

Misti, Ashton, George, and Jessie

Misti and Great-Grandma

Misti & Ashton

Ashton, Misti, Bob, & Kelly

Dave, Laurel, Ashton, Misti, Bob, & Kelly

Dave, Laurel, Ashton, & Misti

It was a busy weekend because not only did we have the showers and the first Packer game of the season (and I don’t want to talk about how it ended) but I worked every night!  I have learned how to sleep in 3 hour segments and not miss anything (and not be too tired to work at night!).

And….a few new favorites of mine this week….

I have found a new best friend….oh my word is this good!  Unfortunately my ice cream choices are oftentimes dictated by Bob’s peanut allergy so I am not allowed to get my beloved Reese’s ice cream….but THIS is a new favorite!

And these Toms came in the mail this week which put a smile on my face!  I have had my eye on them for awhile and was not expecting them to arrive until late September due to backorder!  I am new to wearing Toms but so far I am loving them!


Finally an Update

August was a very difficult month for our family, but we praise the Lord that my dad is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. After nearly 3 weeks in the hospital, he is now in cardiac rehab and we pray that the Lord will continue to bless his recovery.  Although he is a long way from his baseline, we remind each other daily that it is a marathon, not a sprint.

This was a momentous day for my dad in the ICU.  It was his first time getting to the chair after being on flat bed rest for 5 days.  This picture puts a smile on my face every time!

I was fortunate to be able to spend 3 weeks in Wisconsin with my family while Dad was in the hospital and for a few days afterwards.  I am so thankful that I was able to leave everything behind and focus on my Dad’s health without a second thought.

My Aunt Su, mom, and I called ourselves the ‘knitting brigade’ at the hospital….and many stitches were knit over those 3 weeks!

While we spent our time knitting, Carrie, Bob, and my cousin Mark put together countless puzzles in the ICU waiting room.  We definitely staked our claim there!

Uncle Jim, Aunt Su, Mark, Dad, Kelly, & Amma

I am so thankful to my aunt and uncle who graciously let me stay at their home for 3 weeks, fed me, did my laundry, and were such an amazing support system for me, I am truly indebted to them.  Also, a huge thank you to my Amma who has opened her home to my parents so they can be near the hospital, and for the amazing meals she made every night!

My parents are so awesome!  My mom has been such a rock through everything and my dad’s positive attitude has never faltered.

Bob and I had a date night two weeks ago (after I got home) and it was SO nice to spend quality time together.  I am so thankful for a supportive husband during this stressful time.

My sweet friend Bri and I enjoyed a night out for her sister Brittney’s bachelorette party!

We went to the Shout House downtown to listen to the dueling pianos!  It was so fun!

Of course we we couldn’t miss the great Minnesota get-together….the State Fair is something Bob looks forward to all year!  We went with Bri & Jon and Jon’s brother, Steve.

It was BLAZING hot outside (like near 100) and I was surprised at how long we actually lasted!

My favorite thing (as usual) was the baby animal barn…the little piglets were SO cute!

Bob’s favorite thing (as usual) was the food and he wouldn’t have missed getting a Pronto Pup for the world!

This last weekend, we went up to the cabin and took the boats out of the water etc…which was a lot of work but left some time for some fun 🙂

We ate dinner one night at Paul Bunyan’s which was so fun!

Bob loved the food…and I loved the fact that they had a squished penny machine!

Last week I watched our friend’s little girl, Laila, who is 10 months old one full day.  Once again it was SO warm, so we got our walk in right away in the morning.  She is such a cutie!

I think I am all caught up and hopefully I can stay caught up now 🙂