Cabin Time

I am a week late at posting this (since it was from LAST weekend) but I’m linking up with Sami’s Shenanigans today! (Since I worked all this weekend I figured it was okay) 🙂

We spent last weekend at the Cabin and had a great time…as usual! So this post is mostly going to be a million pictures of us skiing with a small assortment of others!

I think Bob officially has the title of best slalom skiier in the household which i am somewhat ashamed of admitting…but SO proud of him!  I love to watch him and get so excited when he gets massive cuts!

So impressive!

Pretty impressive….

Although this might be my favorite!

I posted this to FB/Instagram in hopes of getting myself some votes for best rooster tail but it didn’t happen….

Bob told me I had to smile while skiing…I realized it is very hard to do both at once!

So he got some different expressions each time! Hahahaha….

I guess it is too much for me and I would rather focus on the skiing aspect!

Now for 15 years my mom was adamant that she could not slalom any more….

These pictures state otherwise!

It is so awesome to see her out on the water and loving every second!

Way to go Mom!

One night we went to a nearby fun park and went go-karting!

It was so much fun….and Bob always says a vacation isn’t a vacation without a round of go-karts!  Bob was lucky enough to get the fastest kart and my mom and I were trying as hard as we could to out drive him….but it didn’t work out in our favor….

We also played a round of mini-golf and unfortunately even though I was up on the front nine….my mom ended up winning the game!  We had such a fun weekend and are looking forward to our next weekend at the lake!

I was super busy this past week….we had VBS at our church and I was a preschool leader which was so much fun!

We did Kingdom Rock and the kids LOVED it!  The songs have been stuck in my head…but it was so neat to see so many kids excited about Jesus!  My group of kiddos were so awesome and truly loved every minute of VBS!


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