Harper’s 2nd Birthday Party

Our good friend’s Bri and Jon’s little girl, Harper, turned 2 last week and they had a big party last weekend. Harper LOVES Dora, so there was no question as to what the theme would be!

Our friend Laura made this awesome cake…and not only did it look good but it tasted amazing!

Trying to get a 2 year old to smile and look at the camera is very difficult

The highlight of the day for Harper was a Dora bounce house that was set up in the front yard….

Harper LOVED it and had so much fun!

There were so many friends and family that came to wish this special little girl a happy birthday

Laila wasn’t too sure about the bounce house…but went in a few different times

These two are going to be best friends!

Harper and her great grandpa. So sweet!

These cute Adirondack chairs were made for the kids…absolutely precious!

Bri, Jon, & Harper

So precious!

Harper had such a fun day!

Isn’t this train name just the cutest thing ever!?

Bri’s dad got this for the kids and they were so excited!

And so was Jon!

Bob and Jon got the car up and running and princess Harper got a special ride!

This handsome man was such a happy guy all day!

I love this picture of Laura with Declan and Laila…who are only 5 days apart!

Towards the end of the day…Harper was a little more willing to pose for me

And I quickly snapped a few before she ran off

And lost interest in me

Family just loved on the little ones all day

Then it was time to sing to the birthday girl and Harper was SO excited!

Laura had made a ‘Map’ character out of fondant and it was Harpers favorite thing and she was sharing it with everyone…too cute!

So nice!

Laila was tuckered out by this time

Gifts were next and you guessed it….LOTS of Dora toys!

I didn’t even know they made that many Dora things!

Family pictures were next

Ellie got into the action too

Lots of goodbyes were said….

Lots of hugs….

And tons of kisses

It was such a fun day and I am positive Harper slept well that night!


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