Water Weekend

The rest of our 4th of July weekend was mostly filled with boating, skiing, wakeboarding and anything that involved the water!

Jake, Kelly, and Bob taking the jet ski out for a spin

Aleta tried out the kneeboard

And Jake also rocked it out!

Bob got some air on the wakeboard

Mom did amazing slaloming

And Jake caught some serious rays. The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend!

Mom did awesome driving the boat and she said I did alright pulling her as well

I worked hard on getting some good cuts

And so did Bob!

And a weekend on the lake would not be complete without Dad taking a few hot dog rides!

And a little friendly competition on the tube is always fun

I am happy to announce that I managed to stay on the tube while Jake was thrown into the water, thus making me the winner for the weekend!

We also spent some time at the coolest rope swing!  Someone fashioned this hefty rope to a massive tree and even built a platform and put a ski rope handle on the end of the rope!  It is SO much fun!



We had an awesome time and are looking forward to going back up soon!


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