4th of July

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday…yes even topping Christmas!  We have so many fun traditions every year, I get so excited for the big weekend to arrive!

The 4th starts with the Poisson Sweepstakes which is the annual swim across the lake.  This was the 49th year the swim has been held and what originally started as a learning experience for kids to know how to safely get to shore has turned into a big event!

I swam competitively through high school and when I first started swimming in this ‘race’ it was just a nice workout and now it gets harder ever year!

Bob and my mom also swam and both did really well.  Bob could see my mom the whole time and swam fast enough so he beat her! He was so proud of himself since this was the first year that he finished before her!

After the swim with our new t-shirts

Jake and Aleta got to the swim just as my mom and Bob were finishing so unfortunately they didn’t get to swim but they were ready for the rest of the festivities!

Jake and Aleta

After the swim, we head back to the cabin to get ready for the fireman’s cookout lunch in town….but we always have to watch the Hot Dog Eating competition on Coney Island

So we all sit around watching Joey Chestnut consume a gross amount of hot dogs and then we leave to go eat our lunch 🙂

Dad, Kelly, Bob, Aleta, Jake, and Mom

There is a lot of red white and blue in this picture! We had to wait in line for a long time to get our food but it was SO good! (like usual)

After lunch we head to our ‘spot’ to watch the parade and get all set up

Since there are no little kids in our family to get candy from the parade, we set up a target to entice the people in the parade to aim for our bucket.  Fun for them, and fun for us!

I LOVE small town parades, since everyone shows up and it is a really big deal!  This guy had a leaf blower that he had fashioned a candy shooter onto the end!  It was so neat….

My birthday is on the 2nd, and my parents surprised me with a kneeboard which we were SO excited to try out!

I always request a 2 layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting and not only did my mom make me one…..

But Bob surprised me at work with an awesome cake!

And some beautiful flowers….

And a new game that is so fun! Bethany and her parents introduced us to Qwirkle and Bob got it for me for my birthday….it is awesome!

Anyways…back to the 4th, after we got home from the parade we went right out on the water for some fun!

We did some wakeboarding….

And my parents even tubed together!

After some quality time on the water…we drove over to watch our neighbor in the ski show!

Maddie is the one on the left and she just started learning ballet which was great!

Of course we ended the night with some fireworks and were just beat when we came home!

We had such a fun 4th of July and it was only the beginning of an amazing weekend!


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