A Weekend at the Lake

Our friend Bethany, and her parents, were kind enough to invite us to visit their cabin once again this year.  We had a blast last year and were SO excited to visit again!

We LOVE to wakesurf and Bethany and her dad, Mark taught us better technique and by the end of the weekend we were SO much better!

This was how we started the weekend 😉

By the end…we could go MUCH longer!

Bethany was awesome!

Love this cutie! We had so much fun and spent as much time out on the water as we possibly could!

Mark is such an awesome driver…but that is not all that he is good at!  He showed us how to make wakesurfing look easy!

Like this…easy peasy right?

Wake Surfing is definitely one of our new favorite things…and we are so thankful that the ‘P’ family invited us for the weekend!

By Sunday afternoon we had it down (somewhat) and were able to surf for a long time without the rope!

We slalomed a little too….but I was just getting warmed up for the next weekend of skiing 🙂

Because this happened a few times


Then we did a little husband-wife combo wakeboard which was awesome!

And some intense kneeboarding….

Or more like Bob did some intense kneeboarding….

And Bethany showed us how easy a 360 is!

And along the way we had a few nice wipeouts! (I love a good wipeout photo)

This caption should be ‘Look no hands!’

Jeanne did some skiing too!

Bob got some air!

We had so much fun with Bethany, Mark, and Jeanne and are so thankful for their hospitality and for opening their home to us!


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