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Cabin Time

I am a week late at posting this (since it was from LAST weekend) but I’m linking up with Sami’s Shenanigans today! (Since I worked all this weekend I figured it was okay) 🙂

We spent last weekend at the Cabin and had a great time…as usual! So this post is mostly going to be a million pictures of us skiing with a small assortment of others!

I think Bob officially has the title of best slalom skiier in the household which i am somewhat ashamed of admitting…but SO proud of him!  I love to watch him and get so excited when he gets massive cuts!

So impressive!

Pretty impressive….

Although this might be my favorite!

I posted this to FB/Instagram in hopes of getting myself some votes for best rooster tail but it didn’t happen….

Bob told me I had to smile while skiing…I realized it is very hard to do both at once!

So he got some different expressions each time! Hahahaha….

I guess it is too much for me and I would rather focus on the skiing aspect!

Now for 15 years my mom was adamant that she could not slalom any more….

These pictures state otherwise!

It is so awesome to see her out on the water and loving every second!

Way to go Mom!

One night we went to a nearby fun park and went go-karting!

It was so much fun….and Bob always says a vacation isn’t a vacation without a round of go-karts!  Bob was lucky enough to get the fastest kart and my mom and I were trying as hard as we could to out drive him….but it didn’t work out in our favor….

We also played a round of mini-golf and unfortunately even though I was up on the front nine….my mom ended up winning the game!  We had such a fun weekend and are looking forward to our next weekend at the lake!

I was super busy this past week….we had VBS at our church and I was a preschool leader which was so much fun!

We did Kingdom Rock and the kids LOVED it!  The songs have been stuck in my head…but it was so neat to see so many kids excited about Jesus!  My group of kiddos were so awesome and truly loved every minute of VBS!


Crystal Cave

My friend, Carrie, and I went on a road trip last week to see Crystal Cave and had such a fun day!  It was blazing hot outside so going to a cold cave was absolutely perfect!

Carrie and Kelly

It was soo cool down in the cave I actually got goosebumps after being down there for awhile.

The cave was discovered in 1881 by two brothers who slid down a hole into the cave!  I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for them! (or exciting if you are a little boy I guess)

They called this the ‘cave ghost’

Everything was so neat and we enjoyed our tour!

Carrie and I

They had one room where visitors used to be able to press coins into the wall for a wish…but they stopped allowing visitors to do that this year.  If I remember correctly the cave opened to the public in the 1940s and it was neat to see coins that had been underground for over 60 years!

After leaving the cave…we went to get ice cream!

We didn’t go just anywhere…we went to Flat Pennies Ice Cream!!

I was in heaven…my two favorite things in one place!  If you haven’t guessed Crystal Cave also had  a squished penny machine as did Flat Pennies Ice Cream so I came home happy!

Harper’s 2nd Birthday Party

Our good friend’s Bri and Jon’s little girl, Harper, turned 2 last week and they had a big party last weekend. Harper LOVES Dora, so there was no question as to what the theme would be!

Our friend Laura made this awesome cake…and not only did it look good but it tasted amazing!

Trying to get a 2 year old to smile and look at the camera is very difficult

The highlight of the day for Harper was a Dora bounce house that was set up in the front yard….

Harper LOVED it and had so much fun!

There were so many friends and family that came to wish this special little girl a happy birthday

Laila wasn’t too sure about the bounce house…but went in a few different times

These two are going to be best friends!

Harper and her great grandpa. So sweet!

These cute Adirondack chairs were made for the kids…absolutely precious!

Bri, Jon, & Harper

So precious!

Harper had such a fun day!

Isn’t this train name just the cutest thing ever!?

Bri’s dad got this for the kids and they were so excited!

And so was Jon!

Bob and Jon got the car up and running and princess Harper got a special ride!

This handsome man was such a happy guy all day!

I love this picture of Laura with Declan and Laila…who are only 5 days apart!

Towards the end of the day…Harper was a little more willing to pose for me

And I quickly snapped a few before she ran off

And lost interest in me

Family just loved on the little ones all day

Then it was time to sing to the birthday girl and Harper was SO excited!

Laura had made a ‘Map’ character out of fondant and it was Harpers favorite thing and she was sharing it with everyone…too cute!

So nice!

Laila was tuckered out by this time

Gifts were next and you guessed it….LOTS of Dora toys!

I didn’t even know they made that many Dora things!

Family pictures were next

Ellie got into the action too

Lots of goodbyes were said….

Lots of hugs….

And tons of kisses

It was such a fun day and I am positive Harper slept well that night!

Water Weekend

The rest of our 4th of July weekend was mostly filled with boating, skiing, wakeboarding and anything that involved the water!

Jake, Kelly, and Bob taking the jet ski out for a spin

Aleta tried out the kneeboard

And Jake also rocked it out!

Bob got some air on the wakeboard

Mom did amazing slaloming

And Jake caught some serious rays. The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend!

Mom did awesome driving the boat and she said I did alright pulling her as well

I worked hard on getting some good cuts

And so did Bob!

And a weekend on the lake would not be complete without Dad taking a few hot dog rides!

And a little friendly competition on the tube is always fun

I am happy to announce that I managed to stay on the tube while Jake was thrown into the water, thus making me the winner for the weekend!

We also spent some time at the coolest rope swing!  Someone fashioned this hefty rope to a massive tree and even built a platform and put a ski rope handle on the end of the rope!  It is SO much fun!



We had an awesome time and are looking forward to going back up soon!

4th of July

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday…yes even topping Christmas!  We have so many fun traditions every year, I get so excited for the big weekend to arrive!

The 4th starts with the Poisson Sweepstakes which is the annual swim across the lake.  This was the 49th year the swim has been held and what originally started as a learning experience for kids to know how to safely get to shore has turned into a big event!

I swam competitively through high school and when I first started swimming in this ‘race’ it was just a nice workout and now it gets harder ever year!

Bob and my mom also swam and both did really well.  Bob could see my mom the whole time and swam fast enough so he beat her! He was so proud of himself since this was the first year that he finished before her!

After the swim with our new t-shirts

Jake and Aleta got to the swim just as my mom and Bob were finishing so unfortunately they didn’t get to swim but they were ready for the rest of the festivities!

Jake and Aleta

After the swim, we head back to the cabin to get ready for the fireman’s cookout lunch in town….but we always have to watch the Hot Dog Eating competition on Coney Island

So we all sit around watching Joey Chestnut consume a gross amount of hot dogs and then we leave to go eat our lunch 🙂

Dad, Kelly, Bob, Aleta, Jake, and Mom

There is a lot of red white and blue in this picture! We had to wait in line for a long time to get our food but it was SO good! (like usual)

After lunch we head to our ‘spot’ to watch the parade and get all set up

Since there are no little kids in our family to get candy from the parade, we set up a target to entice the people in the parade to aim for our bucket.  Fun for them, and fun for us!

I LOVE small town parades, since everyone shows up and it is a really big deal!  This guy had a leaf blower that he had fashioned a candy shooter onto the end!  It was so neat….

My birthday is on the 2nd, and my parents surprised me with a kneeboard which we were SO excited to try out!

I always request a 2 layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting and not only did my mom make me one…..

But Bob surprised me at work with an awesome cake!

And some beautiful flowers….

And a new game that is so fun! Bethany and her parents introduced us to Qwirkle and Bob got it for me for my birthday….it is awesome!

Anyways…back to the 4th, after we got home from the parade we went right out on the water for some fun!

We did some wakeboarding….

And my parents even tubed together!

After some quality time on the water…we drove over to watch our neighbor in the ski show!

Maddie is the one on the left and she just started learning ballet which was great!

Of course we ended the night with some fireworks and were just beat when we came home!

We had such a fun 4th of July and it was only the beginning of an amazing weekend!

More Fun!

After leaving Bethany’s, Bob and Nick orchestrated a drop off for me so I could spend the week at Nick’s parents house (who also coincidentally live on a lake as well)

I hardly took any pictures but had so much fun with Nick, Carrie, Jawad, Kristi, Kathy, and Rob

We again spent most of our time by the water…but this time we mostly swam and jet-skiied which was so much fun!

We also had a pretty big bonfire one night and Nick made awesome s’mores for us all!

Nick’s dad, Rob, has the most awesome pontoon and they took us to Zorbaz for pizza twice which was so fun!

Kelly and Nick

We had so much fun playing in the water…

While Carrie did this….

But the finished product was gorgeous…

We couldn’t have asked for better weather and what was supposed to be rain all week turned out to be beautiful sunshine every day! We were so thankful for sunny weather and warm water!

Both days we went to Zorbaz it was packed…and it was during the week! But the pizza is soo good and tastes even better when you get to eat it while on the pontoon!

Since Bob was sad he had to miss the fun week…I bought him a t-shirt and he was pretty happy about that but I still think he would have rather just been along!

Kelly, Nick, and Carrie

It was so nice to spend so many relaxing days with my sister and brother-in-law and cannot wait until they move closer!

We definitely played hard and slept hard that week!

A Weekend at the Lake

Our friend Bethany, and her parents, were kind enough to invite us to visit their cabin once again this year.  We had a blast last year and were SO excited to visit again!

We LOVE to wakesurf and Bethany and her dad, Mark taught us better technique and by the end of the weekend we were SO much better!

This was how we started the weekend 😉

By the end…we could go MUCH longer!

Bethany was awesome!

Love this cutie! We had so much fun and spent as much time out on the water as we possibly could!

Mark is such an awesome driver…but that is not all that he is good at!  He showed us how to make wakesurfing look easy!

Like this…easy peasy right?

Wake Surfing is definitely one of our new favorite things…and we are so thankful that the ‘P’ family invited us for the weekend!

By Sunday afternoon we had it down (somewhat) and were able to surf for a long time without the rope!

We slalomed a little too….but I was just getting warmed up for the next weekend of skiing 🙂

Because this happened a few times


Then we did a little husband-wife combo wakeboard which was awesome!

And some intense kneeboarding….

Or more like Bob did some intense kneeboarding….

And Bethany showed us how easy a 360 is!

And along the way we had a few nice wipeouts! (I love a good wipeout photo)

This caption should be ‘Look no hands!’

Jeanne did some skiing too!

Bob got some air!

We had so much fun with Bethany, Mark, and Jeanne and are so thankful for their hospitality and for opening their home to us!

World’s Longest Ice Cream Sundae

I know I am WAY behind in blogging but figured I needed to catch up somehow! Our town held a MAJOR summer event a few weeks ago that had Guinness World Record bookkeepers in attendance! Our town now holds the record for the World’s Longest Ice Cream Sundae!!

We had no idea that there would be THAT many people there…and it was about 90 degrees and humid out so it was HOT!

A local company made a seamless gutter that was 1000 feet long.  The rules were that the ice cream all had to be touching, so over 100 businesses sponsored sections and were responsible for making their part of the sundae.  It all happened within a few minutes as the ice cream had to be scooped quickly and toppings set before it melted!

It was hard to get up too close since there were so many people but it was fun to watch!  Bob was excited because there was a drone flying around getting pictures!

The best part of it all was that we got to help eat it!

Carrie, Bob, Bethany, and Liz

I took this picture after it was over….you can’t even see the end of the gutter here!  It was SO long!