Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock & Dam Tour

After we finished at the Capitol, we decided to go for a walk at the Stone Arch Bridge (one of our favorite places in Minneapolis) and we found out they were doing tours of the Lock and Dam! So once again, we played tourist!

Mom and Dad on the Stone Arch Bridge

Bob and Kelly on the Stone Arch Bridge

Upper St Anthony Falls

The remains of Mill City

The falls from the lock

A different viewpoint

Love this picture of the Stone Arch Bridge!  So pretty!

Mom and Dad

Dad checking out the Lock & Dam

They allow anything from kayaks to barges through this lock and dam which is really neat! I think it would be awful scary going through in a kayak though!

Bob and Kelly

It takes 9 minutes to fill/drain the lock, and it was so neat to watch!  Again, another neat tour for all you Minnesotans!


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