MN State Capitol

Since Bob and I enjoy playing tourist on our home turf, on Sunday we took my parents to the State Capitol Building in Saint Paul.

I had been to the capitol once before, but hadn’t gotten to go on a tour, and it had been years and years since Bob had so it was new for all of us!  The capitol building was completed in 1905 and has the 2nd largest unsupported dome in the world! Crazy!

Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of the details from the tour…but I do remember that the architect wasn’t happy with the original marble pillars so he sent them back overseas and requested new ones!

The details were really neat…here you can see 2 Minnesota Gophers 🙂

House of Representatives Chamber

The highlight of the tour was we got to go up to the golden horses in the rotunda!  It was so neat to get a beautiful view of St Paul!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather!

I guess visitors used to be able to touch the gold statues, but to try to preserve them longer, no one is allowed to touch them anymore.  I was just happy to go up on the balcony!

So beautiful!

The marble dome.  I guess they only light that chandelier like twice a year on special occasions and it has some 90,000 crystals!

For all of you who live in the Twin Cities, take an hour of your day and go on this tour!  It was totally worth it!


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