Bill & Jenjira’s Wedding

Once again, it is wedding season and we were happy to celebrate a family wedding this weekend.  My Dad’s cousin, Cindy’s daughter Jenjira got married on Saturday!

My parents looked great!

Dad and Me (I found my dress at Banana Republic for less than $20!…SO exciting!)

Bob and Me

The Bride and Groom….so happy!

My dad’s cousin, Cindy, and her husband have 5 girls….so needless to say there were a lot of bridesmaids! (they all didn’t fit into this picture either)

I think this is my favorite picture of the night!

The cake was so cute…and so yummy!

Love the personalized cake knives

Jake and Aleta

These next pictures are all my Dad’s relatives (aunts/uncles, cousins, and their families)

Uncle Putsie is the life of every party!

Tom, Sherry, Zoe, and Sasha (Sasha became my little buddy for the night…)

Zoe and Sasha

Krista, Dave, William, Lukas, & Ava

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jeanine

Jo Marie, Dennis, Sean, and Mollie

Sean & Mollie

Jo Marie and Dennis

Nancy, Craig, Meghan, & Andy

Uncle Putsie and Aunt Eloise

Uncle Putsie and Meghan

Nancy & Meghan

Craig & Nancy

Sasha and Me

Nothing made Sasha’s night more than getting to dance with Jenjira…it was too cute for words!

All of the little girls dancing with the bride! (we have almost the same picture with Carrie and myself at our respective weddings with these same cuties!)

The dance floor was hopping!

We had so much fun!

Guess who caught the bouquet!

We had such a fun time with the extended family and look forward to the next wedding (Mark and Susie’s!) next June! We are averaging about one every year and a half! SO much fun!


One response to “Bill & Jenjira’s Wedding

  • Su Maeorz

    Thank you for posting all of these wonderful pictures from the wedding. For those of us unable to be there, the pictures capture it all! Thanks, Kelly!
    Aunt Su

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