James J. Hill House

To add to our fun Saturday, we continued onto the Science Museum to watch the Tornado Alley Omnifilm and had lunch in their cafe. After, we went to the James J. Hill House in St. Paul.

The mansion is 36,000 square feet and cost nearly 1 million dollars when it was built by James and Mary Hill in 1891!

The front entry way was beautiful with the grand staircase

James J. Hill was one of the railway tycoons of that era and made his fortune expanding the railways out west.

Nearly every room had beautiful chandeliers and the details were beautiful.

The mansion had its own art gallery that was complete with a pipe organ!

Beautiful stained glass

The woodcarving in the house was breathtaking and our guide said throughout the whole house, there were 32,000 billable hours that went towards the men who carved all of the wood.

Every room was just gorgeous

The dining room table had 17 leafs and could seat 22 people and the sealing was covered in gold leaf!

I, of course, loved the library

Our guide had a passion for history, and was very entertaining and knowledgeable.

The laundry room downstairs was really neat…but I think my favorite thing about the whole house was the drying room!

All of these drawers were floor to ceiling and had slats to hang clothes on, then they would slide back into the wall where radiators were built into the floor to dry the clothing.  Genius!

The back of the house.

And the St. Paul Cathedral is virtually next door.

We had such a fun day!


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