Twins Game

My parents were headed to Iceland on vacation and stayed with us before they left….so I could take them to the airport when their flight left. We went to see the Twins play the Mariners and it turned out to be a good day!

Dad didn’t get a picture with Rod Carew last year…so we had to change that!

Dad, Mom, and Bob outside of Target Field

Bob snapped this picture in the gift shop…I was happy after I got two pennies!

It looked like a beautiful day….but the wind was blowing and it was about 60 degrees sitting in the stands!  Oh well, what can you expect for Minnesota!

Dad had his eye out for every ball and strike

Mom did a pretty good job keeping score, but we had to help her out a few times when she forgot.

I love Target Field….it is such a neat stadium!

Mom and Dad

Dad was so happy because all he wanted was to see a few home runs (I guess both teams had been hitting HR in the earlier games in the series) and the Twins hit 4 and won 10-0!

Bob and Kelly

I snapped this picture Sunday afternoon when Dad was ‘helping’ Bob with some yard work. So typical! Dad says he is a good supervisor.


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