A Week Behind

Between working and hanging out with friends and family….I just haven’t found much time to blog!

Last Friday, we went to Cup and Cone with Bethany…and enjoyed every bite!

Last Saturday, Bethany, Bob, and I went to Sea Life at the Mall of America.  I had never been and it was so neat!

The jellyfish were so beautiful!

Cute Sea Horses

Bob was enthralled

Bethany and Bob

The walk through aquarium was neat…but I was NOT a fan of the sharks that were just swimming around!

Not the greatest picture…but you can tell how close they were to us!

Bob and Kelly

After going through the aquarium, we were walking around the mall and happen to run into (or chase after) Cordarrelle Patterson the new Vikings wide receiver and I wasn’t shy to ask for a picture!

It’s from my phone so not the best quality but still!

Lego Land is always a favorite for Bob….

For dinner I met up with Mariah, Emily, Linde, Kirstin and baby Eli for a fun dinner at Crave. We had such a good time catching up and laughing about our days in nursing school! I miss these girls so much!

Aren’t Eli’s cheeks just to die for! Love this little guy!


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