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Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock & Dam Tour

After we finished at the Capitol, we decided to go for a walk at the Stone Arch Bridge (one of our favorite places in Minneapolis) and we found out they were doing tours of the Lock and Dam! So once again, we played tourist!

Mom and Dad on the Stone Arch Bridge

Bob and Kelly on the Stone Arch Bridge

Upper St Anthony Falls

The remains of Mill City

The falls from the lock

A different viewpoint

Love this picture of the Stone Arch Bridge!  So pretty!

Mom and Dad

Dad checking out the Lock & Dam

They allow anything from kayaks to barges through this lock and dam which is really neat! I think it would be awful scary going through in a kayak though!

Bob and Kelly

It takes 9 minutes to fill/drain the lock, and it was so neat to watch!  Again, another neat tour for all you Minnesotans!


MN State Capitol

Since Bob and I enjoy playing tourist on our home turf, on Sunday we took my parents to the State Capitol Building in Saint Paul.

I had been to the capitol once before, but hadn’t gotten to go on a tour, and it had been years and years since Bob had so it was new for all of us!  The capitol building was completed in 1905 and has the 2nd largest unsupported dome in the world! Crazy!

Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of the details from the tour…but I do remember that the architect wasn’t happy with the original marble pillars so he sent them back overseas and requested new ones!

The details were really neat…here you can see 2 Minnesota Gophers 🙂

House of Representatives Chamber

The highlight of the tour was we got to go up to the golden horses in the rotunda!  It was so neat to get a beautiful view of St Paul!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather!

I guess visitors used to be able to touch the gold statues, but to try to preserve them longer, no one is allowed to touch them anymore.  I was just happy to go up on the balcony!

So beautiful!

The marble dome.  I guess they only light that chandelier like twice a year on special occasions and it has some 90,000 crystals!

For all of you who live in the Twin Cities, take an hour of your day and go on this tour!  It was totally worth it!

Bill & Jenjira’s Wedding

Once again, it is wedding season and we were happy to celebrate a family wedding this weekend.  My Dad’s cousin, Cindy’s daughter Jenjira got married on Saturday!

My parents looked great!

Dad and Me (I found my dress at Banana Republic for less than $20!…SO exciting!)

Bob and Me

The Bride and Groom….so happy!

My dad’s cousin, Cindy, and her husband have 5 girls….so needless to say there were a lot of bridesmaids! (they all didn’t fit into this picture either)

I think this is my favorite picture of the night!

The cake was so cute…and so yummy!

Love the personalized cake knives

Jake and Aleta

These next pictures are all my Dad’s relatives (aunts/uncles, cousins, and their families)

Uncle Putsie is the life of every party!

Tom, Sherry, Zoe, and Sasha (Sasha became my little buddy for the night…)

Zoe and Sasha

Krista, Dave, William, Lukas, & Ava

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Jeanine

Jo Marie, Dennis, Sean, and Mollie

Sean & Mollie

Jo Marie and Dennis

Nancy, Craig, Meghan, & Andy

Uncle Putsie and Aunt Eloise

Uncle Putsie and Meghan

Nancy & Meghan

Craig & Nancy

Sasha and Me

Nothing made Sasha’s night more than getting to dance with Jenjira…it was too cute for words!

All of the little girls dancing with the bride! (we have almost the same picture with Carrie and myself at our respective weddings with these same cuties!)

The dance floor was hopping!

We had so much fun!

Guess who caught the bouquet!

We had such a fun time with the extended family and look forward to the next wedding (Mark and Susie’s!) next June! We are averaging about one every year and a half! SO much fun!

Manitou Day Parade

One of my favorite things about the town we live in, is that it has a very ‘small town’ feel while still being close to the Big Cities.

Each June, the Manitou Day’s Parade is a huge celebration and draws TONS of people from the surrounding area.  This gnome alone is cute enough to make me want to go!

I love a good parade, and the librarians had the cutest artwork on their book carts that they pushed along!  Papa Bear, Corduroy, Paddington….oh so cute!

Our friend Bethany joined us (well she actually was the one that reminded us!) and we were excited about all of the candy we got!

This awesome tandem fish bike makes an appearance every year! How fun!

This cracked me up….a chiropractor brought a CAMEL to the parade that said ‘Don’t let your spine look like mine!’ Too funny!

We had such a good time with Bethany and of course watching the parade!

Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob’s birthday was last Tuesday (the 11th) and we had a fun, but low key evening together!

To say Bob was excited about this present would be the understatement of the year.  Carrie and Nick bought him a rocket, and he has been anxious to get it all assembled and go launch it.  My excitement does not match his at all 🙂

We went out for dinner and afterwards went to the Stone Arch Bridge for a nice walk.

It was such a nice day, and I was so happy to just spend time with Bob and celebrate his special day!

We watched a movie when we got home (I don’t remember which one….since it was one Bob picked out but I do remember that I stayed awake the WHOLE time!) And yes, that is a big success for me!

Family Day

Since Misti was in town, we had a family lunch on Sunday after church.  Bob’s birthday is on Tuesday and he got to open his gift from his parents and was very excited!

A Dremel (which I confused with the Dremel Multi-Max which he already has…but I stand corrected, they are two VERY different things I guess)

Misti also gave us a combined birthday present, Settlers of Catan, which is a board game that we have been told by everyone that if you like Ticket to Ride you will like Settlers….needless to say we are so excited to play!

Steve, Bob, Laurel, and Misti (Grandma J was also there but she insisted that her picture NOT be on the Web) 🙂


Kelly, Bob, Steve, Brittany, Ashton, and Misti

Ashton and Misti

Steve and Brittany

It was so nice to have us all together for an afternoon

James J. Hill House

To add to our fun Saturday, we continued onto the Science Museum to watch the Tornado Alley Omnifilm and had lunch in their cafe. After, we went to the James J. Hill House in St. Paul.

The mansion is 36,000 square feet and cost nearly 1 million dollars when it was built by James and Mary Hill in 1891!

The front entry way was beautiful with the grand staircase

James J. Hill was one of the railway tycoons of that era and made his fortune expanding the railways out west.

Nearly every room had beautiful chandeliers and the details were beautiful.

The mansion had its own art gallery that was complete with a pipe organ!

Beautiful stained glass

The woodcarving in the house was breathtaking and our guide said throughout the whole house, there were 32,000 billable hours that went towards the men who carved all of the wood.

Every room was just gorgeous

The dining room table had 17 leafs and could seat 22 people and the sealing was covered in gold leaf!

I, of course, loved the library

Our guide had a passion for history, and was very entertaining and knowledgeable.

The laundry room downstairs was really neat…but I think my favorite thing about the whole house was the drying room!

All of these drawers were floor to ceiling and had slats to hang clothes on, then they would slide back into the wall where radiators were built into the floor to dry the clothing.  Genius!

The back of the house.

And the St. Paul Cathedral is virtually next door.

We had such a fun day!

Summit Brewery Tour

This past Saturday, Bob, Ashton (Misti’s boyfriend), and I went to the Summit Brewery for a tour. Bob is a big fan of Summit beer and we had a fun time!

The tour started off with a slideshow presentation that got a little long…but the tour and beverages at the end more than made up for it!

These huge things ferment the beer (if I remember correctly) and hold something like 1200 kegs of beer per container.  They just added onto the brewery and it was the first day they were filling them which was kind of neat.

That’s a lot of kegs

Bob enjoyed every minute

And a lot of bottles

At the end of the tour you got to sample up to 3 different drinks…my favorite was the Root Beer 🙂

Kelly and Bob

Bob and Ashton

Twins Game

My parents were headed to Iceland on vacation and stayed with us before they left….so I could take them to the airport when their flight left. We went to see the Twins play the Mariners and it turned out to be a good day!

Dad didn’t get a picture with Rod Carew last year…so we had to change that!

Dad, Mom, and Bob outside of Target Field

Bob snapped this picture in the gift shop…I was happy after I got two pennies!

It looked like a beautiful day….but the wind was blowing and it was about 60 degrees sitting in the stands!  Oh well, what can you expect for Minnesota!

Dad had his eye out for every ball and strike

Mom did a pretty good job keeping score, but we had to help her out a few times when she forgot.

I love Target Field….it is such a neat stadium!

Mom and Dad

Dad was so happy because all he wanted was to see a few home runs (I guess both teams had been hitting HR in the earlier games in the series) and the Twins hit 4 and won 10-0!

Bob and Kelly

I snapped this picture Sunday afternoon when Dad was ‘helping’ Bob with some yard work. So typical! Dad says he is a good supervisor.

A Week Behind

Between working and hanging out with friends and family….I just haven’t found much time to blog!

Last Friday, we went to Cup and Cone with Bethany…and enjoyed every bite!

Last Saturday, Bethany, Bob, and I went to Sea Life at the Mall of America.  I had never been and it was so neat!

The jellyfish were so beautiful!

Cute Sea Horses

Bob was enthralled

Bethany and Bob

The walk through aquarium was neat…but I was NOT a fan of the sharks that were just swimming around!

Not the greatest picture…but you can tell how close they were to us!

Bob and Kelly

After going through the aquarium, we were walking around the mall and happen to run into (or chase after) Cordarrelle Patterson the new Vikings wide receiver and I wasn’t shy to ask for a picture!

It’s from my phone so not the best quality but still!

Lego Land is always a favorite for Bob….

For dinner I met up with Mariah, Emily, Linde, Kirstin and baby Eli for a fun dinner at Crave. We had such a good time catching up and laughing about our days in nursing school! I miss these girls so much!

Aren’t Eli’s cheeks just to die for! Love this little guy!