A Day at the Zoo

I met Emily and the twins at Como Zoo for a fun day. Unfortunately it rained most of the day, but we had prepared for that possibility since Minnesota hasn’t really seen the sun in over a week!

Finally it stopped raining!


In the afternoon, it stopped raining long enough for me to get out my camera!  I hadn’t had my DSLR out for awhile so it was SO fun taking pictures and the kids kept wanting to see them!


It is so fun to go places with the twins now that they are 3 1/2 and the days are so much less hectic and way more fun!

Ben and Brianna

The flamingos didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold weather…and we didn’t mind either since we all had raincoats and multiple layers on!

Every bronze animal turned into a playground with these two 🙂

Unfortunately the Sparky show is no longer, but the kids were still excited to get their picture taken with him

And we definitely ignored the ‘Thanks for not climbing’ signs on multiple occasions…

Watching the seals

Seriously adorable

The giraffes were out and about…and I think were my favorite animals of the day!

We spent the majority of the day just cruising through the zoo and the kids loved looking at the animals

We watched this polar bear play with the barrel for like 15 minutes…the kids (and us) were enthralled!

but after lunch headed into the Conservatory….

We saw this poison dart frog (which I learned isn’t poisonous because the food they eat is what makes them poisonous)


What cuties

And….I was happy

The twins helped me get a few pennies!


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