Spring Is Here


That is all I can say…finally no more snow, no more North Face jackets, and I now welcome sandals and shorts with open arms!

We headed to our favorite ice cream shop one afternoon and you could tell it was a beautiful day by how long the line was!  We had biked there and it really couldn’t have been a more perfect evening!

Bob and his cherry dipped (I think) cone.  Yes we did have light coats on but trust me the weather was a million times better than it had been!

I LOVE our city’s library and usually end up going at least once a week.  They have this awesome app for your phone that you can request books right through it, renew items, and it tells you when the books are in.  Absolute genius!  So about once a week I bike the 3 miles to the library and get my new read for the week!

Unfortunately, with spring finally here…so is yard work 😦

I absolutely despise yard work, but know that spring and fall are the worst times.  Yesterday I decided to put in a few hours (that turned into 6) but I filled 17 yard bags and developed 3 blisters on my hands so I guess I would call it successful!

Our trees are starting to bloom and they are beautiful so I guess all that work is worthwhile!

My friend Carrie came over on Monday for a crafting day (since it was raining) and we welcomed spring with some strawberry rhubarb pie that was absolutely delicious!  (It was store bought from Sam’s Club but I promise it was good!)

I was so happy to meet with my college friends Claire and Keenie last Friday!  Claire lives in Montana and visits are few and far between so I treasure each time I get to see both her and Keenie!  Claire is getting married in August and I was happy to meet her fiance Matt and spend time with them catching up.  I feel so blessed to have friends that all it takes is a lunch date to get ‘caught up’.


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