Sunday was seriously the nicest day we have had since last August!  After having lunch at Famous Dave’s with Bob’s parents, grandparents, and Misti (who was in town for the weekend) we headed to downtown Stillwater to enjoy the beautiful day.

The river was pretty flooded so the walkway wasn’t accessible but it was so nice out we didn’t care!

You can tell how flooded it was here….

The lift bridge

The main reason we went downtown was to get a squished penny that I had scoped out from the Olive Oil Co.!  I was pretty happy after that….

I sat on the back porch for most of the afternoon reading Kristin Hannah’s ‘Firefly Lane’ since her newest book ‘Fly Away’ was just released and is a continuation on ‘Firefly Lane’.  So I had to refresh my memory before I started her new one!  Bob spent the weekend fixing our sprinkler system and it has now gotten below freezing so we have yet to try it out…but I hope all of his hard work will pay off!

We also worked really hard on this cool puzzle I found while garage saleing (only 50 cents) and prayed the whole time that all of the pieces would be there!

And they were!


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