Garage Sales!

FINALLY…it felt like spring this weekend and we took every opportunity we had to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I spent Friday and Saturday morning with Emily and we had fun babysitting Jenna, Brianna, and Ben on Friday night!  Every year there is a HUGE neighborhood garage sale in the TC and Em and I have so much fun!  This year was no exception!  We found Jenna this awesome ‘new’ bike for only $17!  She was so excited!

Although Emily and I didn’t find much, we still had a fun time!  I did manage to score these three adorable stamps for $2 and LOVED how my latest baby card turned out!

These twins are getting so big and I can’t wait to shoot some summer pictures of them…I LOVE Brianna’s curly hair 🙂

We spent so much time outdoors….it felt SO good to finally see some sunshine and relax!

I found two other exciting things while garage saleing…a pair of downhill skis for my mom ($8) so she has no excuse not to come and an iPod shuffle for me ($2…and it works!).  So the two days we spent garage saleing, I spent less than 20 dollars and had so much fun!

We treated ourselves to some Five Guys for lunch on Saturday which is such a treat for me since Bob can’t go there (peanut alert!) It was great to spend quality time with Emily but sadly we didn’t get any pictures together!


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