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Melting Pot

My friend Bri’s birthday was on Monday and we had a fun weekend celebrating with her and Jon!

We were so excited to go to the Melting Pot since it had been a year since last time (which was also Bri’s birthday!)

Bri with the yummy dessert tray!  Which is by far my favorite…

They lit the s’mores dessert one on fire which was neat!

The dessert plate is amazing….it has rice crispies, cheesecake, poundcake, fruit, brownies…absolutely delicious!

Bob and Jon

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back! (I just noticed that the only pictures I took were of the dessert fondue…not the meat or cheese which were also good!)

Bri and Jon bought the Nordic edition of Ticket to Ride and we had fun playing that (they also got the Asia expansion pack the next day).  We played Ticket to Ride every day this weekend and Bri was happy to win every time!  For anyone who hasn’t played…you need to!

On Monday we celebrated Bri’s actual birthday by watching the premiere of the Bachelorette (Jon and Bob opted out) and with Dairy Queen cake! Yummy!

We also added an American flag to our garage and I love how it looks!


A Day at the Zoo

I met Emily and the twins at Como Zoo for a fun day. Unfortunately it rained most of the day, but we had prepared for that possibility since Minnesota hasn’t really seen the sun in over a week!

Finally it stopped raining!


In the afternoon, it stopped raining long enough for me to get out my camera!  I hadn’t had my DSLR out for awhile so it was SO fun taking pictures and the kids kept wanting to see them!


It is so fun to go places with the twins now that they are 3 1/2 and the days are so much less hectic and way more fun!

Ben and Brianna

The flamingos didn’t seem to be bothered by the cold weather…and we didn’t mind either since we all had raincoats and multiple layers on!

Every bronze animal turned into a playground with these two 🙂

Unfortunately the Sparky show is no longer, but the kids were still excited to get their picture taken with him

And we definitely ignored the ‘Thanks for not climbing’ signs on multiple occasions…

Watching the seals

Seriously adorable

The giraffes were out and about…and I think were my favorite animals of the day!

We spent the majority of the day just cruising through the zoo and the kids loved looking at the animals

We watched this polar bear play with the barrel for like 15 minutes…the kids (and us) were enthralled!

but after lunch headed into the Conservatory….

We saw this poison dart frog (which I learned isn’t poisonous because the food they eat is what makes them poisonous)


What cuties

And….I was happy

The twins helped me get a few pennies!

Laura & Kevin’s Wedding

My friend and co-worker, Laura got married last weekend and Bob and I were happy to celebrate with her and her new husband Kevin.  Unfortunately, I worked the night before so we were only able to attend the reception but it was absolutely beautiful!

I absolutely loved the centerpieces and you could tell how much time Laura spent with every detail!

Laura looked stunning and you can just tell in this picture how special her love with Kevin is.


Laura, Laura, Doreen, and Kelly

It was so fun to see friends outside of work and meet everyone’s husbands.  I treasure my friendships with my coworkers and feel blessed to work in such a wonderful environment

Welcome Joshua!

Our friends the ‘J family’ welcomed their new baby boy and we were thrilled to meet Joshua this past weekend when we drove to Wisconsin to see him (and my parents too 🙂 )

I completely forgot my camera and was bummed, but thank goodness for cell phones!

What a precious little bundle of joy and we could not be more excited to watch him grow up!

We enjoyed our visit with John and Tara and loved getting to play with the kids for awhile and look forward to our next visit!

Joshua got a ‘Kelly blanket’ as the girls call them.  The 5 ‘J’ kids were the original kids blankets that I did and now I wonder how many I have made since then!

I also knit him a hat which turned out so precious!  We also took over diapers and a meal….but I was more excited about how cute Joshua looked in his little hat! 🙂

Spring Is Here


That is all I can say…finally no more snow, no more North Face jackets, and I now welcome sandals and shorts with open arms!

We headed to our favorite ice cream shop one afternoon and you could tell it was a beautiful day by how long the line was!  We had biked there and it really couldn’t have been a more perfect evening!

Bob and his cherry dipped (I think) cone.  Yes we did have light coats on but trust me the weather was a million times better than it had been!

I LOVE our city’s library and usually end up going at least once a week.  They have this awesome app for your phone that you can request books right through it, renew items, and it tells you when the books are in.  Absolute genius!  So about once a week I bike the 3 miles to the library and get my new read for the week!

Unfortunately, with spring finally here…so is yard work 😦

I absolutely despise yard work, but know that spring and fall are the worst times.  Yesterday I decided to put in a few hours (that turned into 6) but I filled 17 yard bags and developed 3 blisters on my hands so I guess I would call it successful!

Our trees are starting to bloom and they are beautiful so I guess all that work is worthwhile!

My friend Carrie came over on Monday for a crafting day (since it was raining) and we welcomed spring with some strawberry rhubarb pie that was absolutely delicious!  (It was store bought from Sam’s Club but I promise it was good!)

I was so happy to meet with my college friends Claire and Keenie last Friday!  Claire lives in Montana and visits are few and far between so I treasure each time I get to see both her and Keenie!  Claire is getting married in August and I was happy to meet her fiance Matt and spend time with them catching up.  I feel so blessed to have friends that all it takes is a lunch date to get ‘caught up’.

First Bike Ride

Monday was another beautiful day (but don’t worry Minnesota can’t stay too nice in the spring…it snowed last night) and we went on our first bike ride of the year!

First stop was the library since I frequent the library about once a week….

We biked around the lake near our house and the ice was melting and was exhibiting this awesome thing called ice chandeliering.

This is what the ice looks like when I pulled it out of the water.  Basically all of those crystals are vertical in the water and it gives the illusion of being solid but is SO neat!

We had a great bike ride…but were disappointed when this past week has been cold, rainy, and downright miserable!  Hopefully spring will come eventually!


Sunday was seriously the nicest day we have had since last August!  After having lunch at Famous Dave’s with Bob’s parents, grandparents, and Misti (who was in town for the weekend) we headed to downtown Stillwater to enjoy the beautiful day.

The river was pretty flooded so the walkway wasn’t accessible but it was so nice out we didn’t care!

You can tell how flooded it was here….

The lift bridge

The main reason we went downtown was to get a squished penny that I had scoped out from the Olive Oil Co.!  I was pretty happy after that….

I sat on the back porch for most of the afternoon reading Kristin Hannah’s ‘Firefly Lane’ since her newest book ‘Fly Away’ was just released and is a continuation on ‘Firefly Lane’.  So I had to refresh my memory before I started her new one!  Bob spent the weekend fixing our sprinkler system and it has now gotten below freezing so we have yet to try it out…but I hope all of his hard work will pay off!

We also worked really hard on this cool puzzle I found while garage saleing (only 50 cents) and prayed the whole time that all of the pieces would be there!

And they were!

Garage Sales!

FINALLY…it felt like spring this weekend and we took every opportunity we had to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I spent Friday and Saturday morning with Emily and we had fun babysitting Jenna, Brianna, and Ben on Friday night!  Every year there is a HUGE neighborhood garage sale in the TC and Em and I have so much fun!  This year was no exception!  We found Jenna this awesome ‘new’ bike for only $17!  She was so excited!

Although Emily and I didn’t find much, we still had a fun time!  I did manage to score these three adorable stamps for $2 and LOVED how my latest baby card turned out!

These twins are getting so big and I can’t wait to shoot some summer pictures of them…I LOVE Brianna’s curly hair 🙂

We spent so much time outdoors….it felt SO good to finally see some sunshine and relax!

I found two other exciting things while garage saleing…a pair of downhill skis for my mom ($8) so she has no excuse not to come and an iPod shuffle for me ($2…and it works!).  So the two days we spent garage saleing, I spent less than 20 dollars and had so much fun!

We treated ourselves to some Five Guys for lunch on Saturday which is such a treat for me since Bob can’t go there (peanut alert!) It was great to spend quality time with Emily but sadly we didn’t get any pictures together!