Catch Up

The past week hasn’t been too busy around here which is so nice to just relax…but doesn’t make blogging very easy!

I finished up shopping for our apring/summer wardrobes with these new Sperry’s for me!  I do the majority of shopping at the end of the previous season (so last fall I shopped for this summer) but there are always a few pieces I need to add.  It makes it so much easier when I can shop the sale racks and save money!

My friend (and coworker) Carrie and I had a fun day with a Twilight marathon…we got through the first 4 movies!  We had a great time and now just need to figure out another time when we can watch the last one!

I was excited to baby-sit for our friends Jon and Bri this week!  Harper (who will be 2 this summer) was so sweet with her little brother Declan and ‘read’ to him!  We had so much fun playing…but I was worn out when I got home!

Wednesday night when I came home from church (I volunteer in the nursery) our lights were flickering a bit and we were just going upstairs to settle in front of the TV when the lights went completely out!  Bob called the power company and they showed up shortly and luckily figured a way to piggyback in power because our line in our yard isn’t working!  We played some Skip-Bo by candle light which was fun!

Saturday we had a relaxing day watching basketball and while watching, got all of my cards made for the next two months!  Talk about being productive!  I love stamping and although I am not too creative, I still have fun!

We are also now head first diving into a bathroom remodel in our guest bath downstairs.  The previous owners did a great job of updated a lot of the house…but the gold faucets and hardware were not up to my liking!

Out with the old…in with the new!

So I guess looking at this post we really have been busy! 🙂


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