We traveled to Wisconsin for Easter this year, and unlike last years beautiful weather, it was freezing cold!  It snowed and rained and was just plain chilly so we hankered indoors the whole time!

I had my favorite root beer (of course made in Wisconsin) to kick off the weekend….

And my mom made her famous monkey bread that is absolutely to DIE for….SOO good!

The table all set for Easter lunch using my great-great grandmother’s beautiful china

Absolutely beautiful….I was nervous after we finished because I was in charge of washing dishes and I didn’t want to be responsible for breaking any of the pieces!

My mom made an amazing ham and there were a few people hovering around trying to sneak bites while she was working 🙂

Luke chapter 24

For dessert we had Dairy Queen ice cream cake….yum!

Kelly, Dad, Amma

My dad (once again) ordered that this pictures be entitled ‘A rose between 2 thorns’…I really don’t think he could get any more creative.

Mom and Dad

Kelly and Bob

Mom, Dad, Amma, Bob, and Kelly

We had a fun, relaxing weekend with my family that included a lot of basketball watching and minimal house projects for Bob!  We are SO excited for summer and getting to spend lots of time up at the cabin with my family!


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