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Busy Busy!

Bob and I have been super busy the past few weeks and have just been loving all of the fun things we have been doing with our friends!

Oh my goodness…my friend Mariah introduced me to this amazing snack!  It is puffcorn coated in almond bark….and is absolutely delicious!  Seriously one of my new favorite treats and SO easy to make! (1/2 package of almond bark melted and 1 bag of puffcorn!) That is it!

I was happy to finish my 3rd blanket of the week….and I know I will have another one to make soon!  Babies are always coming!

We drove to our friends Mike and Michelle’s to spend Friday night with them….although we only live a little over an hour away it always seems to be so long between when we see each other! We had so much fun and got a live concert from Mike 🙂

On our way home from St Cloud, we stopped at Cabela’s (which was a first for me) and I was completely shocked at how neat the store was!  They had a HUGE aquarium with all kind of big fish

There was a whole safari corner with all kinds of African animals!  It was so neat!

Bob had fun in the shooting range….

And I was just enjoying all of the animals that were posed throughout the store!  (Oh and the main reason we stopped was because they had a squished penny machine…so I was happy!)

Then Saturday night we went over to Jon and Bri’s house and got to spend some time with the kiddos before they went to bed…Declan is getting SO big and is SO cute!

We played Ticket to Ride (yet again!) and this time Rob and Laura joined us so we played in teams which got very interesting because each couple had to agree on each route, turn, color, etc…  Made for an interesting game, but we had tons of fun!

Sunday we had our small group and did chocolate fondue with them which was SO yummy…but I didn’t take any pictures

Last night we went to play Laser Tag with Bob’s coworkers and friends….we had tons of fun and were exhausted when we left!

Carl, Eric, Bob, Hans, and Dan

Steve and Brittany met us there and we had fun in the arcade and laser maze!  I needed a lazy day today to catch up after all of the fun and excitement!

And….unfortunately we got ANOTHER 4+inches of snow last night and the trees were all sagging from the heavy snow!  This morning I woke up to our basement leaking because the snow is melting too fast today…UGH!  When can we just get a normal spring day!

We are SO thankful and feel so blessed that we have such amazing friends in our lives and enjoy all of the time we get to spend with them!


Random Updates

I joined Instagram a few weeks ago and have been having fun chronicling that way and it is SO easy!

We have a huge flock of turkeys that frequent our front yard…and this male was sure in an impressive mood!

Bob and I joined some friends at SkyZone for a super fun evening of trampoline dodgeball….boy were we sore the next day!  It is so much fun and such a great workout!

Our downstairs bath is almost completely finished and I LOVE the way it turned out!

The little changes made SUCH a difference in my opinion!  All we (I mean Bob) have left is to change the faucet in the tub but we have to wait for the snow to melt outside first!

Ticket to Ride is one of our favorite games and we played with our friends Bri and Jon last weekend and it got so intense!  We were laughing about midway through because it was completely silent for the majority of the game because we were all so focused on our routes!

Emily and I headed to MOA on Saturday for a little girl time and some shopping….I got a new spring coat which I was excited about even though it is still freezing cold and snowing outside!

That night, Emily and her parents came over to our house for dinner and we used their Christmas present to us for the first time!  We had chocolate fondue and it was SO yummy and so much fun!  We made rice crispie bars, toasted coconut marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries to dip!  We will definitely be doing it again soon!

Lastly….I can’t post about what we have been up to without complaining a little bit about the weather! I am SO sick of snow and cold weather and woke up today to about 4 inches of fresh snow outside.  I am desperately craving spring and am itching to get outdoors so hopefully by May we can!

Welcome Eli!

My good friend Emily, and her husband Ben welcomed little Eli 3 weeks ago and I was SO excited to meet him on Tuesday!

He is seriously the CUTEST little baby in the whole world!  Mariah and I enjoyed loving on him and cuddling him while chatting!  The little guy had a rough first few days but now is doing great…praise the Lord!

Mariah and Eli

Kelly and Eli

So sweet!  He is such a calm little one and didn’t hardly make a peep!  It was so much fun to chat with Emily and Mariah…it always seems like far too long between when we see each other!

Kelly, Emily, Mariah, and Eli

We are SO excited to welcome this little guy into our lives and pray that the Lord will guide him as he grows!

I think this is the sweetest picture ever!  I made little Eli a tie blanket and it is so special to me to get this precious picture of him with it!

Catch Up

The past week hasn’t been too busy around here which is so nice to just relax…but doesn’t make blogging very easy!

I finished up shopping for our apring/summer wardrobes with these new Sperry’s for me!  I do the majority of shopping at the end of the previous season (so last fall I shopped for this summer) but there are always a few pieces I need to add.  It makes it so much easier when I can shop the sale racks and save money!

My friend (and coworker) Carrie and I had a fun day with a Twilight marathon…we got through the first 4 movies!  We had a great time and now just need to figure out another time when we can watch the last one!

I was excited to baby-sit for our friends Jon and Bri this week!  Harper (who will be 2 this summer) was so sweet with her little brother Declan and ‘read’ to him!  We had so much fun playing…but I was worn out when I got home!

Wednesday night when I came home from church (I volunteer in the nursery) our lights were flickering a bit and we were just going upstairs to settle in front of the TV when the lights went completely out!  Bob called the power company and they showed up shortly and luckily figured a way to piggyback in power because our line in our yard isn’t working!  We played some Skip-Bo by candle light which was fun!

Saturday we had a relaxing day watching basketball and while watching, got all of my cards made for the next two months!  Talk about being productive!  I love stamping and although I am not too creative, I still have fun!

We are also now head first diving into a bathroom remodel in our guest bath downstairs.  The previous owners did a great job of updated a lot of the house…but the gold faucets and hardware were not up to my liking!

Out with the old…in with the new!

So I guess looking at this post we really have been busy! 🙂


We traveled to Wisconsin for Easter this year, and unlike last years beautiful weather, it was freezing cold!  It snowed and rained and was just plain chilly so we hankered indoors the whole time!

I had my favorite root beer (of course made in Wisconsin) to kick off the weekend….

And my mom made her famous monkey bread that is absolutely to DIE for….SOO good!

The table all set for Easter lunch using my great-great grandmother’s beautiful china

Absolutely beautiful….I was nervous after we finished because I was in charge of washing dishes and I didn’t want to be responsible for breaking any of the pieces!

My mom made an amazing ham and there were a few people hovering around trying to sneak bites while she was working 🙂

Luke chapter 24

For dessert we had Dairy Queen ice cream cake….yum!

Kelly, Dad, Amma

My dad (once again) ordered that this pictures be entitled ‘A rose between 2 thorns’…I really don’t think he could get any more creative.

Mom and Dad

Kelly and Bob

Mom, Dad, Amma, Bob, and Kelly

We had a fun, relaxing weekend with my family that included a lot of basketball watching and minimal house projects for Bob!  We are SO excited for summer and getting to spend lots of time up at the cabin with my family!