Mount Snow

After a few fun days on Long Island….we ventured across the Long Island Sound on the ferry and headed north to Mount Snow in Vermont

I rekindled my love for the game of Skip-Bo and we played many many games while we were in Vermont!

We got to our lodge and I was so excited to get a good night’s sleep before snowboarding and we were rudely awoke at 2:30 am by the fire alarms going off!  Being the cautious, safe guests that we were, we waited about 10 minutes while they were still blaring since we couldn’t see any smoke in the halls and didn’t see any other guests leaving.  But we figured if they were still going off for 10 minutes we should probably leave!  So we walked down to the lobby in our pajamas and waited there with a bunch of other guests until the all clear was given. Just when we got back to the room and were about to fall asleep….the alarms went off again! This time they turned off after a few minutes, so we didn’t even bother to do anything…..needless to say we were all tired when morning actually came! (we found out the next day that there was no fire at all)

Mom was AWESOME the whole day and did great….for having not skied in many, many years up until a month ago she was amazing.  Until she would fall (which only happened a few times) but it took either Carrie or me to get her back on two feet! 🙂

The weather was absolutely beautiful…sunny and in the 20s so we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Carrie hadn’t snowboarded in over 6 years and I was so impressed with how she did too!

Mom (in front) and Carrie (back left)

Oh I just want to go back now!

Me at the base of the mountain

Carrie and Me

Mom and Carrie

Carrie and me with the Bluebird Express, their awesome 6 chair lift that has an enclosure that covers you!

(the covers are all blue except number 50 which was neon yellow…it was my goal the entire time to ride on ‘Mr. Yellow’ as I dubbed that chair but I wasn’t quite lucky enough.  Mom and I were ONE away and I was devastated!)

Mom rocking it out!


All 3 of us

The 2nd day we skied….we got over 12 inches of snow overnight!  It was awesome!  By the time we left, over 19 inches of snow had fallen!

Luckily, the lodge had a shuttle to the mountain, but we did have to shovel the car out!

I had scoped out another penny machine that was just miles from our lodge….so off we went to the Hogback Mountain scenic overlook 🙂

It was a pretty dreary day but I am sure this overlook would be gorgeous in the fall when there are actually leaves on the trees!

Mom and Carrie

But it was totally worth it to drive there to get my penny (well actually 2) and they had a neat gift shop as well!….total penny count is now at 4 for the trip

We ate at a neat restaurant called The Billiard Sanctuary

They had a whole room full of pool tables that you could play at while you waited for your food….I will be the first to admit that pool is not my strong suit and it isn’t my mom’s or sister’s either!

They had some really neat old-school snowboards and other decorations on the walls that were fun to look at!

We had such a fun time but I was EXHAUSTED by the time we headed back to Long Island! Snowboarding is hard work!


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