St Patty’s Day

Since we were out in NY for St. Patty’s Day, I did a little research and found a fun 5K race in a nearby town that gave my mom and I something to train for during the frigid winter that we had!

It wasn’t too cold….maybe upper 30s and definitely warmer than home but neither of us had gone for a run outside since we ran in the Turkey Trot 5 mile back in November.  Let me tell you….running outside is COMPLETELY different than running on a treadmill!

I had my iPod but it is not the same as watching Jon and Kate plus 8 while running 3 miles.  I think I like the bit of entertainment and distraction but it was really nice to be outside!

I was TIRED when I crossed the finish line and although I was not impressed with my time (I think it is the slowest I have ever ran) I was still proud of myself for finishing!

Mom did great and we are already trying to figure out when we are going to run again!  Nick came along to take pictures and be our support crew and I think he was most happy about the refreshments at the end 🙂

In the afternoon we went to a neighboring town that was having a St Patrick’s day parade….

It was still in the 30s while we were standing there and it started snowing!

Love this! Hahaha…..

Mom and Nick (I think this is one of the only pictures I have of Nick the whole time!)

Nick and me

There were lots of kilts….and when I say lots I really mean it!

There were so many cute touches and I usually associate St. Patty’s Day with spring but this year proved to be very different.

This was a first for me to see….a motorcycle hearse.  Interesting.

We ended up leaving the parade after an hour because it was cold but we had a great time!


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