Cradle of Aviation

My mom and I flew out to Long Island for a fun-filled week with my sister, Carrie, and brother-in-law, Nick.  Our first day there happened to be my mom’s birthday and we had a VERY fun filled day!

We started out by going to the Cradle of Aviation which is just a fancy name for airplane museum in my opinion 🙂

Of course Carrie had to try out this helicopter in the main lobby….

They had some really neat exhibits on the history of flying and the first airplanes

This is Charles Lindbergh’s first plane “Jenny” that he owned and flew solo around the country.  It was found in a barn in Iowa 50 years after he sold it and restored!

Lindbergh’s jacket that he wore on the first solo transatlantic flight aboard the Spirit of St Louis.

I thought this Pan Am plane was really neat…

And this uniform that the stewardesses had to wear! (I did watch a few episodes of ABC’s show)

The best part though was that I got a squished penny!


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