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PEZ Factory

This last stop we made in Orange, Connecticut was unplanned prior to our trip but after driving by the sign on our way to Mount Snow, we couldn’t resist stopping on our way back! (oh and squished penny number 6 was there too) 🙂

Me, Mom, and Carrie

We were so excited to see this little visitor center!

This PEZ was probably 12 feet tall! And….it opened and closed!

This PEZ motorcycle was built by Orange County Choppers….love it!

The visitor center was basically a little museum with a HUGE display of PEZ memorabilia which was neat to see….and the story line of the history of PEZ.  You could also peek through some large windows into the factory to see them packaging box after box of the candy!

This was a quick stop, but we all enjoyed it!

This shows how successful my trip was (and I added one more from Long Island of the ferry)


Mark Twain House

Our last stop was in Hartford, Connecticut at the Mark Twain House.  Samuel Clemens, his wife Olivia, and their 3 daughters built and lived in this amazing house from 1874 to 1891 and this is where he wrote many of his classics, Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are two of them.

The house had such a neat design but of course I was disappointed when we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside….

My favorite rooms were the little greenhouse (on the far left) and the billiard room (3rd floor where Samuel wrote most of his works)

Carrie and me

Our tour guide was awesome and really knew the ins and outs of the house and the family and had so many neat stories of how the Clemens’s lived.

How awesome is this Lego Mark Twain?? (oh and right next to this was a squished penny machine…total count is now up to 5!)

I would recommend stopping here if you are ever in the area! The house is beautifully restored and worth the stop!

Creamery Covered Bridge

On our way back to Long Island from Mount Snow, we had a few stops planned out and the first was to stop at the Creamery Covered Bridge in Brattleboro, Vermont.

While we were driving to Mount Snow we had seen the bridge from the highway and knew we would have to stop during daylight!

Mom and Carrie

Absolutely beautiful!

Even though it is March and I am SO ready for spring…the snow was so beautiful!

The bridge was built in 1879 which is SO neat!

Everything just looked absolutely perfect with the sun shining and blue skies!

This house was across the street and I can’t imagine having the perfect view out your front window every day!

Mount Snow

After a few fun days on Long Island….we ventured across the Long Island Sound on the ferry and headed north to Mount Snow in Vermont

I rekindled my love for the game of Skip-Bo and we played many many games while we were in Vermont!

We got to our lodge and I was so excited to get a good night’s sleep before snowboarding and we were rudely awoke at 2:30 am by the fire alarms going off!  Being the cautious, safe guests that we were, we waited about 10 minutes while they were still blaring since we couldn’t see any smoke in the halls and didn’t see any other guests leaving.  But we figured if they were still going off for 10 minutes we should probably leave!  So we walked down to the lobby in our pajamas and waited there with a bunch of other guests until the all clear was given. Just when we got back to the room and were about to fall asleep….the alarms went off again! This time they turned off after a few minutes, so we didn’t even bother to do anything…..needless to say we were all tired when morning actually came! (we found out the next day that there was no fire at all)

Mom was AWESOME the whole day and did great….for having not skied in many, many years up until a month ago she was amazing.  Until she would fall (which only happened a few times) but it took either Carrie or me to get her back on two feet! 🙂

The weather was absolutely beautiful…sunny and in the 20s so we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Carrie hadn’t snowboarded in over 6 years and I was so impressed with how she did too!

Mom (in front) and Carrie (back left)

Oh I just want to go back now!

Me at the base of the mountain

Carrie and Me

Mom and Carrie

Carrie and me with the Bluebird Express, their awesome 6 chair lift that has an enclosure that covers you!

(the covers are all blue except number 50 which was neon yellow…it was my goal the entire time to ride on ‘Mr. Yellow’ as I dubbed that chair but I wasn’t quite lucky enough.  Mom and I were ONE away and I was devastated!)

Mom rocking it out!


All 3 of us

The 2nd day we skied….we got over 12 inches of snow overnight!  It was awesome!  By the time we left, over 19 inches of snow had fallen!

Luckily, the lodge had a shuttle to the mountain, but we did have to shovel the car out!

I had scoped out another penny machine that was just miles from our lodge….so off we went to the Hogback Mountain scenic overlook 🙂

It was a pretty dreary day but I am sure this overlook would be gorgeous in the fall when there are actually leaves on the trees!

Mom and Carrie

But it was totally worth it to drive there to get my penny (well actually 2) and they had a neat gift shop as well!….total penny count is now at 4 for the trip

We ate at a neat restaurant called The Billiard Sanctuary

They had a whole room full of pool tables that you could play at while you waited for your food….I will be the first to admit that pool is not my strong suit and it isn’t my mom’s or sister’s either!

They had some really neat old-school snowboards and other decorations on the walls that were fun to look at!

We had such a fun time but I was EXHAUSTED by the time we headed back to Long Island! Snowboarding is hard work!

St Patty’s Day

Since we were out in NY for St. Patty’s Day, I did a little research and found a fun 5K race in a nearby town that gave my mom and I something to train for during the frigid winter that we had!

It wasn’t too cold….maybe upper 30s and definitely warmer than home but neither of us had gone for a run outside since we ran in the Turkey Trot 5 mile back in November.  Let me tell you….running outside is COMPLETELY different than running on a treadmill!

I had my iPod but it is not the same as watching Jon and Kate plus 8 while running 3 miles.  I think I like the bit of entertainment and distraction but it was really nice to be outside!

I was TIRED when I crossed the finish line and although I was not impressed with my time (I think it is the slowest I have ever ran) I was still proud of myself for finishing!

Mom did great and we are already trying to figure out when we are going to run again!  Nick came along to take pictures and be our support crew and I think he was most happy about the refreshments at the end 🙂

In the afternoon we went to a neighboring town that was having a St Patrick’s day parade….

It was still in the 30s while we were standing there and it started snowing!

Love this! Hahaha…..

Mom and Nick (I think this is one of the only pictures I have of Nick the whole time!)

Nick and me

There were lots of kilts….and when I say lots I really mean it!

There were so many cute touches and I usually associate St. Patty’s Day with spring but this year proved to be very different.

This was a first for me to see….a motorcycle hearse.  Interesting.

We ended up leaving the parade after an hour because it was cold but we had a great time!

The Circus!

After an amazing dinner at the Library Cafe where we ate some AMAZING food my mom and I were surprised with an exciting night at the circus for her birthday gift!  I hadn’t been to a circus since I was probably 5 years old and we had such a fun time!

I loved every second of the circus and felt just like the little kids we were sitting next to!

One of my favorite acts were these guys playing basketball on unicycles!  It was so funny and so entertaining!

The tigers were enclosed in a net and I couldn’t help but think of how intimidating it must be to be trapped in there with about 20 tigers! Yikes!

We oohed and ahhed as this woman was shot out of the cannon!

And the trampolines were Nick’s favorite!

I loved the cute poodles….especially the little two at the end!

And the elephants did not disappoint at all…and once again the little guy at the end was by far my favorite! He was SO cute!

It really was the Greatest Show on Earth! We all had such a great time and it was the perfect ending to my mom’s birthday! (we tried to get a picture but I promise the two we took are NOT flattering and I will save the embarrassment of posting them!)

Nunley’s Carousel

After the Cradle of Aviation, we walked down to Nunley’s Carousel which is just a little further down ‘Museum Row’

The carousel was built in 1912 and was so neat!

It was beautifully restored and reopened in 2009

The detail was absolutely beautiful and it took me a few minutes to pick which horse I would ride 🙂

Carrie chose this beauty

Since we were there in the middle of the day in the middle of the week we were the only 3 to ride the carousel which was pretty cool

Kelly, Carrie, Mom

I was happy that the previous squished penny machine also had a penny for the carousel (so penny count is at 2 if you are keeping track)

Cradle of Aviation

My mom and I flew out to Long Island for a fun-filled week with my sister, Carrie, and brother-in-law, Nick.  Our first day there happened to be my mom’s birthday and we had a VERY fun filled day!

We started out by going to the Cradle of Aviation which is just a fancy name for airplane museum in my opinion 🙂

Of course Carrie had to try out this helicopter in the main lobby….

They had some really neat exhibits on the history of flying and the first airplanes

This is Charles Lindbergh’s first plane “Jenny” that he owned and flew solo around the country.  It was found in a barn in Iowa 50 years after he sold it and restored!

Lindbergh’s jacket that he wore on the first solo transatlantic flight aboard the Spirit of St Louis.

I thought this Pan Am plane was really neat…

And this uniform that the stewardesses had to wear! (I did watch a few episodes of ABC’s show)

The best part though was that I got a squished penny!

Baby W shower

My good friend from nursing school, Emily, and her husband Ben are expecting their first baby…a little boy in just 4 short weeks!  Emily is going to be such a great mother and I am so excited for their sweet family and can’t wait to meet this little blessing.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a shower for Emily, and had so much fun!  Our friends Kirstin and Alyssa were there and it was so great to catch up and just laugh!

Alyssa, Kirstin, Emily, & Kelly

I miss all of my friends from nursing school SO much!

Emily’s aunts hosted the shower and let me tell you it was GORGEOUS!  The house was absolutely beautiful and was decorated so perfectly!  I wish I could replicate her house in mine 🙂

All of the details were precious…the little ducks, ribbons, and books were so perfect!

Our napkins for brunch were little washclothes and diaper pins…how precious!

It was so fun watching Emily open her gifts and we all just oohed and aahed over ever little cute thing!

Ben was there too and he is so funny and will just make a great dad!

I love themed gifts and her aunts did this adorable bath themed present! Too cute!

The guests of honor and proud mom and dad to be!


So I can’t officially say it is spring here in Minnesota….BUT we had a very exciting day yesterday!  Our favorite ice cream place opened up!  While it was raining and the temperature was just hovering above freezing….we couldn’t resist going for an ice cream cone!

We met up with Bethany and Matt and stood shivering while we enjoyed every lick of our ice cream!   The line was considerably shorter this year on opening day….but it is also probably 30 degrees colder!  Just another reason why I cannot wait for spring and summer to get here!